These WordPress Web Development Trends Will Dominate 2017! Have You Implemented Them Yet?

wordpress web development trends

It all started in 2003 solely as a blogging platform but with years, it became the most widely used content management system.

With every passing year, the WordPress seems to be getting better and better with a number of incredible features being added.

When you look at the recent wordpress web development trends, you’ll agree that this year WordPress is more focused on business wordpress theme development and “See What You Get” interfaces.

Though, you might have already noticed some of the latest web development trends but in this article, we’ll uncover the most important trends that will dominate in 2017.

A Rise in Mobile-First WordPress Themes

Nowadays, more people from all over the world use mobile devices to browse the web than desktop devices. In fact, according to a worldwide internet usage report, mobile devices now hold 51.26 percent of market share while the desktop devices reduced to 48.74 percent.

This means, Mobile is the Future!

While mobile friendly has been a watchword over the last few years, but 2017 will see more and more WordPress websites developed with the concept in mind.

Now, the days of considering mobile-optimized website to be optional will soon be over. In fact, Google is recommending mobile-first websites when it comes to determining its SEO ranking. And this is the reason why mobile-first WordPress themes will take leading role in 2017.

Increase in Security Including HTTPS and Encryption

Since security is an eternal concern for businesses and website owners, it’s always at the forefront of any future WordPress enhancements. The HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is undoubtedly a secure version of HTTP.

While large sites have been little bit slow to convert to HTTPS, but Google and WordPress have upped their efforts to get sites onboard.

What’s more?

With the success of Let’s Encrypt, it’s now easier offer security for your visitor’s data. And, if you’d like to secure your website with latest security trend, first check with your host as many of them are providing certificates with their packages.

Higher Demand of Multipurpose Themes

Previous year has already seen many great examples of multipurpose WordPress themes which took web design to the next level. This particularly trend will definitely become more popular in 2017.

Basically, a multipurpose theme allows you to build any type of website with all the features you want on the website. These multipurpose themes are highly customizable, in fact it offers more freedom as well as options to build a more personalized website.

Moreover, most businesses now consider WordPress development to build their business websites as WordPress helps to build business website faster and has an excellent support with a vast community.

VR-Optimized Themes

In addition to multipurpose themes, a new type of theme category is trending in the WordPress theme market – Virtual Reality Optimized themes.

Although, the concept is VR is tied closely to gaming, but it’ll be more than that in 2017. sites have already started to support VR images and videos, and developers have also started creating plugins for VR with self-hosted WordPress.

How it benefits online businesses?

Well, the implications for merging Virtual Reality with WordPress are potentially huge.

For instance, eCommerce sites can adopt the VR based themes which means, the customers do not need to visit a store to interact with products. Furthermore, the VR based themes has massive potential in areas like travel, sports, and real estate.

Here’s Something to Think About…

WordPress development is constantly evolving and given this, sometimes it’s difficult to implement the latest trends correctly. This is why, if your site is missing out, hire WordPress website development company and become an early adopter of latest web development trends to dominate the business market.


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