12 Wireframing Tools Shaping Mobile App Development


As a person who is going for the big leap by making an app, you must be thinking about how is an app created? How do developers decide from which page to which will the app travel? How do they decide whether they want to put the options/features on the top of the page or on the side? What if after making the app I do not like this?

We understand the cascade of questions that are roaming in your minds and here’s where you will find the answers.

In the IT industry, there is something called the wireframing tools, making mobile application development easier. Now, what are they exactly? Wireframing tools are actual tools or means that help us, the developers, in understanding the Navigation flow of the app. Well obviously, there are many stages to it. But with the help of different wireframing tools, all of these stages can be covered.

From napkin drawing to proper sketching to making a live prototype and finally from there to the actual thing. At each of these stages, the approval will be in the hands of the client only, that is you.

Wireframe development for mobile apps acts as a bridge for the information architecture and the visual component of the apps. These are an important part of the whole process itself and without this, ie design-led engineering strategy, your app may be a failure.

12 Best Tools For Wireframing Mobile Apps Development

Proto.io is a platform used for mobile prototyping, i.e to build fully interactive wireframing apps prototypes that resemble the finished product. This is one of the best wireframing tools for mobile apps as it gives you the clearest idea of how the app may look.

UXPin is a quick and easy tool if you want to create mockups and clickable mobile app wireframe. Built to provide a good user experience even by being a mere prototype. It is also known to have a huge collection of attractive user interface elements fashioned for the web, iOS, Android and more. One of its most user-friendly features is the drag and drop interface.

Wireframe is a simple tool to create app wireframes with a “click and drag to draw” interface. Now by using this wireframe, you can add a unique URL. There are two templates to choose from: a browser window or a mobile phone. Every element of the wireframe can be edited or transformed and this is one of the most important features of this tool.

Balsamiq is an app wireframing tool that is quick, agile and allows you to create ideas in a jiffy. According to Mashable, “It reproduces the experience of sketching on a whiteboard, which allows easy sharing, collaboration, and feedback. There is no shortage of ready-to-use objects and elements.”

iPhone Mockup
As the name itself suggests iPhone Mockup helps you in creating obviously iPhone Mockup. Mockups thus made, can be shared too. There are two styles of wireframing offered by this tool and that is; illustration and pencil and it is possible for you to switch styles at any point. The app is designed to work on Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 and above.

Any prototype built on Framer.js becomes an open source prototyping framework and it is a Low learning curve with CoffeeScript. It also gives you an instant feedback while working and it runs great on iOS and Android with WebKit. With this tool, you can animate an object in 3D space with spring physics.

According to the mashable, this is a “Wireframe on the fly.” Mockingbird wireframe allows users to create various projects while also allowing them to use tools and images to represent features that may be installed in the finished product. You can create prototypes for any design such as websites or mobile applications.

Mockups.me let you rapidly create interactive and collaborative wireframes of your apps on your desktop, browser, and tablet. Create, communicate and share application ideas with teams and clients using a touch-based interface. Also, it seamlessly imports your Balsamiq bmml files and edits and reviews them on your tablet.

Axure is an easy to use and quick tool that uses the drag and drops feature and thereby creating interactive wireframes and UI mockups. It is one of the most popular and regularly used free wireframe tools and tops the list of many mobile app development companies.

This tool is used to check the navigation flow, ie. interactions between pages, with ease. This wireframe tool has an added chat feature, which means that if there is more than one editor working on the same project then they can continue doing their editing in real time, on different pages to avoid conflicts. You can also download more templates from MockStore.

With this tool, the developer can create clickable wireframes for mobile applications and websites as well. One can link the components or add hotspot links to the screens as well. You are allowed to choose between the templates of iPhone/iPad and Android. Using these templates you can also use particular components of that OS to build a fully functional prototype.

Even Pen/Pencil & Paper Can Work!
Since the time that computers, apps, and wireframe tools did not exist, there existed one way of making things clear. Pick up your pen/pencil and paper and start sketching. Draw out whatever you want your app to look like. Even today one can feel more comfortable using pen and paper.

There are obviously many more top wireframing tools available in the market, however, these are the ones that added something new to the existing trends. However, it comes down to what you feel comfortable with using. These are merely suggestible options that will give wings to your ideas.

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