Why You Need Technology Partner for Your Magazine App Development?


It has been since long that publishing industry is put constantly under threat by the rapid digitization of the content. In that backdrop, there is no option for the publishers but to go digital and provide the content both on internet and mobile. Magazine app development plays an important role in making your magazine digitized.

For small magazine publishers, it may be difficult to get digitized for number of issues such as financial sustainability, security etc. However, when these publishers can partner with the right type of technology such as Space-O for their magazine app development, the very issues can be turned into advantages.

Following are some benefits of magazine app development:

  • Can create a stunning visual impression with advanced design and unique features
  • Can create an opportunity to package the content in a unique way
  • Can reduce time and costs in publishing a magazine in print

These are some of a very few benefits of magazine app development. Though, magazine app development is fraught with challenges, here are some of the reasons why small publishers need to take services of technology partners such as Space-O:

  • Magazine app development is not the core area of the small publishers
  • Dealing with software, hardware and ever changing technology requires expert external help often in the form of technology companies such as Space-O
  • If an external magazine app development provider is efficient, experienced and expert, it is able to build on the strengths of the magazine and develop an app keeping in mind the core strengths of the publication as well as purpose of the content

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When small publishers partner with technology companies such as Space-O, they can concentrate more on their core areas such as editorial, design and other aspects of content creation. Leaving the technicalities to technology company gives you a sigh of relief.

Though, at a time when Facebook has overtaken WhatsApp for whopping $19 billion, the question of ads as the source of revenue has become debatable. It is true that consumers do not like to be bombarded with ads, but ads still remain to be the primary source of revenue for those enterprises which go digital including publishers.

So, when you decide to go for magazine app development, your technology partner should be able to incorporate mobile ads into the application development to generate revenues. It should help you chart out your overall advertising strategies in a better way. That is why it is recommended to consult an experienced technology partner such as Space-O as they know how to build ad networks during magazine app development.

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This is yet another benefit for small publishers as it takes the burden of the marketing and advertising off their shoulders. Many times, when small publishers decide to do magazine app development on their own, they fail to achieve best results in the area of promotion and marketing, and losing the focus on creative, editorial and content aspects of the magazine.

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