Why You Must Hire iPhone 5 App Developer?

It is very likely you will have to hire iPhone 5 App Developer very soon. In fact some of you might have already begun the hunt because of either, or both of the following reasons:

  1. Since May 1st, 2013 new apps or app updates submitted to the App Store MUST be built for iOS devices with Retina display and iPhone apps MUST support the 4-inch display on iPhone 5.
  2. iPhone 5 is powered by Apple’s latest version of mobile operating system, iOS 6, that has 200 features more than its predecessor (earlier version). This means hiring iPhone 5 application developers or iPhone app programmer who is well versed with iOS 6, will help you create more interesting and engaging iOS apps.

However even if Apple would not have forced the mandate to create iPhone 5 supported apps, you can still gain on following fronts by hiring iPhone 5 application developer:

Hire iPhone 5 App Developer
    1. Enhanced User Experience: iPhone 5 App Developers can get your apps leverage out of the new 4-inch display by writing new apps or optimizing the existing ones accordingly as per the bigger screen which has the additional space to display more content. You can work around with your developer to see how bigger interface can enhance your opportunities as well as the app user experience.
    2. New Business Opportunities: Brands and Businesses particularly in retail, e-commerce and subscription-based services can work with iOS6 App Developers to implement passbook in their apps to create passes, that shall include retail coupons, boarding passes, event tickets and discount cards, which can then be purchased and stored by the customers without requiring them to carry a physical representation of these items.

And since there are only a dozen of apps with passbook support, you can hire iPhone 5 App Developers and work with them to become the early adopter of digital wallet technology, which will also bring increased customer loyalty as well as better revenues.

  1. More Monetization: If you want to make apps that can make money you must certainly engage an iPhone 5 application developer to incorporate In-App Purchase feature that allows users to buy apps, music, books, and other iTunes content directly from within your app or in other words, without leaving your app.

So even from your free app, you can sell a variety of items including premium content, subscriptions, etc.

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Above mentioned are just a few vital benefits of having and hiring iPhone 5 application developer for your iPhone app projects. Working with expert team of iPhone 5 app developers and iOS 6 programmers can be yet more profitable for you. Discuss the possibilities, talk to us now.


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