How to Reduce 60% iOS Development Cost With Your Native Android Application?

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According to the Gartner, Inc., the demand for mobile app development service will reach to five times faster than an internal IT organizations’ capacity to deliver them.  

And, by 2019, the sales of phones will reach to 2.1 billion units that will increase the demand for applications in the enterprise to meet the demand of usability and high performance for consumer applications.

Moving Eye to the Data…

There is a huge requirement for mobile developers, as we have seen mobile is expanding in every area of personal and professional lives. Presently, the situation is an organization is a search of a good mobile app development team.

We have seen the changing world. Before ten years, we are using mobile devices to send messages, and to make calls. Now, our smart devices are used for paying bills, scheduling travel, flying drones and a lot of related things. Hardly, we can imagine lives without them. Having an updated knowledge of mobile development skills provides you an edge over the competition.

Are you planning to build high-performance native android application or want to take maximum advantage from your android mobile application?

When you are thinking to develop an Android application, Android Studio is your first instinct to open up. This environment provides you all the essential tools, libraries, and support to develop an application of your choice. It gives

  •         A set of code templates
  •         Code editing tools
  •         A Gradle-based build system
  •         Integration with Google’s Cloud platform and many more features
  •         Dynamic layout previews, which let you visualize and drag and drop features to design how your app will look
  •         A supported and specialized environment which sets up the correct Android SDK

Oh my God! Android Studio delivers so many things. Then, why people are moving to Xamarin Studio to build Android apps?

The simple answer to why Xamarin app development is, Xamarin Studio lets developers to develop android application by C#. This is hugely advantageous for those people, who want to reuse existing C# skills, and avoid Java.

Xamarin supports the development of native user interfaces – might say your client will wonder how you have designed.

Let’s Have Some more light on Xamarin

Xamarin is better known as MonoTouch and Mono for Android that enables developers to create native Android apps by using C#. As the same Xamarin programming language is used for all different platforms, codes for Android can be shared amongst the platforms, whether it is Windows or iOS.

Generally, the core functionality common (business logic; data access) to the apps is abstracted into a separate library. Moreover, a custom and native UI is designed for each platform. Developers can share around 60-70% of the code, depending on the complexity of the UI. Developing native application with Xamarin gives you advantages like:

  •         Native UI look and feel
  •         App speed and responsiveness
  •         Availability of native functionality

Xamarin is Challenging hard to its Competitors, but Can Xamarin Studio compete with native Android development?

There are most of the developers developing native android applications in Java, which is the official language. Developers can use the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) and develop in C++ and C, however, such things incline to develop a lot of complicated things without any advantages.

Xamarin offers an excellent alternative to developers when they are developing an application in C#. They can do anything in Java with added functionality. In addition to, developing an application in the Android SDK provides you a direct access to the native UI that means your application exactly has a right look and feel.

In addition, Xamarin has the capability to develop UI design environments for Xamarin Studio and Visual Studio. It offers specialized UI and UX design tools for Android, iOS and Mac, so developers have a power of building UI same as they can develop with the Android SDK.

With Xamarin Android app builder, developers can drag controls onto the app developers and configure them by using the properties pad. Even, it enables you to bring some additional factors like Infragistics’ Xamarin.Forms Controls to make things even much better and easier.

Why Trello Took Good Decision to Choose Xamarin for their Native Android App?

Trello might have many .net developers and other products might be developed in .net language. Moreover, Trello has a partnership with Xamarin that enables users to share around 60-80% of the code, sometimes, 90% of the code.

This percentage goes to 100% for simple line-of-business/enterprise apps with Xamarin.Forms, but it drops to 80% when using the platform specific features like filesystem, Windows Phone APIs, filesystem and so on.

Another reason is Xamarin swift when Apple or Google changes something. Apple Xamarin gets both alpha and beta preview and thus, the same-day support is possible and with Google, it is challenging to get both the previews. If somebody publishes a cool library for Android and/or iOS, it takes time for integrating for Xamarin.

Set Your Sights High & Share up to 60% of Coding Expenditure with Xamarin

In an increasingly competitive mobile market, Xamarin provides a significant advantage over the business’s peers. Developing a native android application with Xamarin can share up to 60% of coding for Mac and iOS and thus, it saves 60% of average app development cost as well.

We have created amazing collection of applications with Xamarin and able to reduce the app development cost. Below are some of our applications


If you are tired of making an expense report in Excel, then Xpenditure application is best to report expense effortlessly. This application saves huge time and money.

Xpenditure is a very helpful, user-friendly expense reporting tool that makes it very easy to keep track of your expenses. I can recommend it to everyone that wants an easy way to generate expense reports.

Check → Android | iTunes | Windows


Another is iNurse, which is the best application for nurses in hospitals and elderly homes. This application enables you to receive emergency calls, log events, use calendar, log of your work.

Every minute (and dollar!) counts when developing an application for your business, so seriously think about how could be taking benefit of a single platform to target users of all platforms.

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