3 Reasons Why Your Startup Mobile App is Failing

Mobile Apps Failure

It’s no secret that mobile apps are rising at an exponential rate. In fact, USA Today reported that every day, 300 mobile apps are created, and the U.S. mobile commerce is at the top all the time.

Knowing all this, you might think that the key to increase app downloads lies within functionality and a nice mobile app design, but the reality is, startup apps need to go beyond that to be successful in the market. They need to focus on more effective introduction in the world of the mobile app market.

Now, there are basically three common reasons why startup mobile apps fail.

#1: Your App is Low on Scalability Scale

mobile app scalability

There are number of mobile apps marketing strategies, but the fact is word-of-mouth is still the best and cheapest way to this very day for gaining popularity. Even Data suggests that more than half amount of all consumers discovers an app through their friends and family, while only 27% discovers an app through a search engine.

Now remember that “Friends and Family” include sharing on social networking apps, retweeting, sharing, etc. knowing this, you must keep in mind that you draft share-worthy content to get higher exposure.

Because increased exposure ultimately results into increased downloads. Therefore, identify what your audience is drawn in by and make it as an important priority of your app’s execution.

#2: Your Notifications Aren’t Working Out Well Enough

The major part of mobile app users who download an app, seeks to stay updated about product and company updates. And it is possible to do so by push notifications. They are proven to be highly effective to reach customers and a simple & brief way for your users to digest information which is relevant to them.

In fact, 65% of consumer app users basically download an app to stay up-to-speed on a product with notifications. Therefore, you must take care to implement interactive & informative notifications.

#3: You Have Made One or More Than One Development Mistakes

mobile app development mistakes

Most probably you might be followed all popular design and functionality tips, kept sending notifications from time to time and filled the app with full of right information. Still, you notice a decrease in installation numbers.

Now uninstall basically happens due to various avoidable mistakes such as fluffed up information or long launch times or may be a complex registration process.

Of course, if your app keeps crashing, then you’ll notice even more drop in the uninstalls up to 71%. But the key to maintain users and increase installs is user experience & quality.

Therefore, your topmost priority should be these two things, avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes.

How to Ensure a Successful Mobile App Launch?

The profitable and successful mobile apps usually target to go beyond the programming basics. They focus on creating a personalized user experience for their app users and that’s what adds extra value to their app.

Here are couple of simple ways you can to achieve that user experience for your app users.

  • Make a mobile-only loyalty scheme that leads your app users for repeat usage and in-app purchasing.
  • Make the redemption process as simple as possible.
  • Add game-like qualities, badges to increase the regular engagement of your mobile app.
  • Personalize your app user experience with avatars and include customized alerts.
  • Think beyond business. Users also seek useful, fun, engaging information in a mobile app.

Bottom Line

No matter what marketing tool you use, you’ll have to do dedicated research & good amount of funding to perfecting your mobile app. Research your target demographics, even conduct few social platform surveys if possible and find out what your app users want from a mobile tool. By applying these tips, you can surely convert your simple mobile app into a profit generator which you always dreamed of.

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