Why SMEs, SMBs Adopt Cloud Computing?


Do you own a small and medium enterprises or small and medium-sized business?

Do you want to increase or add capabilities on your IT services along with data storage without investing on organisational structure, training new personnel, or getting license to your new software?

Then the ideal thing to your company would be adopting to Cloud technology that encompasses any subscription based or pay-per-use service which in real time extends IT’s existing capabilities.

  • 90% of businesses are adopting to Cloud as per RightScale survey.
  • 74% of enterprise use hybrid cloud strategy, with more than half already using public and private cloud.
  • Software as a service (SaaS) to remain the largest public IT cloud service category with expected 59.7% revenue by 2017
  • Amazon Web service dominates Public Cloud Adoption compared to other vendors like Windows Azure, salesforce, Rackspace Public Cloud etc…

So what’s the buzz about Cloud Computing?

Amongst all the developments in Information Communication Technology (ICT) for over a decade now, Cloud Computing is the main player, which offers sweeping benefits for business especially for Small and medium sized enterprises and to multinational corporations.

The latest market for cloud computing forecasts 30% of annual growth, as there is more demand from people to store their latest technology in a virtual space. Not only does cloud computing stores data, but it helps to run applications and software remotely, without being tied to another computer.

As organizations are seeing significant benefits by the use of cloud, IT industries are moving fast toward a world where they can offer a portfolio of cloud services, both public and private, to meet the diverse requirements of their applications.

Why is it so popular amongst SME & SMB’s?

Implementing information technology solutions and platforms can be complex and far costlier for SME & SMB’s. In these cases, cloud computing, help ease the burden by enabling SME & SMB’s to access services by supporting them with data processing, storage and backup, facilitate productivity, accounting services, communications or for customer service and support.

Recent study found that 94 percent of SMB cloud adopters report that they have experienced security benefits since moving to the cloud. As SME & SMB’s are embracing technology, have the ability to grow faster, export more and employ more people, it is seen as means of increasing business agility and of introducing capabilities that would otherwise been cost or time-prohibitive to deploy on traditional technology.

Running small & medium scale business or enterprise is more impending than before, in high competition with restricted customer engagement and services, enterprises always needs to be on their toes, more challenges are seen for SME and amidst tough times, the cloud computing helps to provide the SMEs & SMBs with benefits:

Reasons Why SMEs, SMBs Adopt cloud computing?

    • Scalable:

Cloud computing allows SME to grow without worrying about your infrastructure. It allows business to easily upscale or downscale IT requirements as and when required. Virtually unlimited storage capabilities and due to its scalability, many organizations are relying on managed data centers, where there are cloud experts or cloud consulting services trained in maintaining and scaling shared, private and hybrid clouds.

    • Costs Less:

Cloud computing can decrease IT costs significantly; It provides with lower power costs, as it uses less electricity; lower people costs and Zero Capital costs – one need not worry about capital investment as third party provides and maintains the infrastructure.

  • Secure:
    • Security is a crucial component of the cloud with government grade security-
    • Sophisticated and high levels of security protocol ensures business and data protection.
  • Availability:
    • Has access to everything as it lives in the cloud
    • Mobility and convenience in accessing application anywhere, anytime, portability and flexibility; giving more time and effort to be placed on business strategies and solutions.
    • It gives universal access, enabling staff to use the device of their choice-desktop, laptop or mobile device.
  • Disaster Recovery:There is no need to worry about losing data, as data replication is instant and automatic. The start-up after a system failure is almost instantaneous, enabling to ramp up the processing power and get back to system as quickly as possible.
  • Mobile Impact:
  • With increase in mobile applications, the apps company can take advantage of cloud-based processing and data storage, making mobile devices more functional, as cloud computing has come up with whole new functionality to mobile devices.

    Embrace Cloud Computing Consulting solutions & enhance your SMEs, SMBs

    Despite the ample advantages of cloud computing, some small and medium companies are yet to realize the advantages of cloud solutions can provide. The survey by business software provider MYOB – 79% of SME’s are going for cloud technology. Also the survey of 1000 SME’s conducted by Colmar Brunton reveal that only 8% of SME’s are unsure if their business should go for cloud computing.

    The reason they embark is lack of knowledge, concerns about security of data and not many technical staff to look into the cloud issues.

    And those who have embraced cloud consulting services have seen success in their business. It is high time the small and medium enterprise and businesses realize the advantage what a cloud solution can provide.

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