Why Should You Convert Your Legacy Software To Mobile App Sooner than Later?


If you are like most successful businesses, then you will have a software application built to take care of the unique need of your business.

If you have opted computing anywhere before 2007 then it is likely that you have your business application built on PowerBuilder, Delphi, FoxPro, Visual Basic, .NET and so on.

If you opted to make your business software web based then you might have used technologies such as classic ASP, JSP, PHP, Python and so on.

These languages were great in their times. But the technology changed too fast and came the era of Mobile Apps.

Many web technologies such as PHP scaled and are still serving well the mobile powered world of front ends..

But other technologies such as Visual Basic, specifically VB6, as it was one of the most widely used technologies in those times, did not scale to serve the mobile powered world.

The problem? Perfectly working software on desktop cannot be used on mobile devices.

Big problem, isn’t it?

It has a solution. Not always easy but a specific solution: That is to rethink the available technology stack and come up with something that can serve all the worlds – desktop, mobile and web.

How do we do that?

By creating a SOA based, cloud-powered architecture upon which your business software can safely serve your business needs.

This is how tomorrow’s enterprises, regardless of its size, think. They think about things like Enterprise Mobility in general, Enterprise Mobility Architecture and Security Concerns with enterprise mobility.

Do not worry if you have a small business. You can always learn from how enterprises think, isn’t it?

Other, less expensive way is to just recreate some part of your business applications in iPhone and Android, two of the most prominent mobile technologies available today.

Once those parts of your business application are accessed using mobile devices, all you need is import / export functionality between your legacy application and mobile application.

This is a general guideline. No matter if you are an Educational Institute, a Retail Store, a Health Club or a Financial Institution. If you are dealing with people, you must think about making your legacy software mobile friendly.

Wise men say that Businesses that embrace change to meet the needs of customer demands thrive.

You are losing on a potential to thrive if you are still not considering making your legacy business software mobile friendly.

At Space-O, we serve enterprises as well as small and medium sized businesses. So our teams are aware about different ways of looking at legacy software and its mobile-based applications.

Statistics say that the time is so near where Internet consumption over mobile devices will take over the PC/Desktop market. In some countries, it has already started.

If you don’t think about converting your Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Delphi or FoxPro based legacy system into a Mobile enabled system that can work on different mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets or even Windows phones and tablets, you are losing on the excellence that today’s technology offers.

Don’t lose on technology excellence, contact us and chat with our representative about how your business can be benefited by embracing mobile technologies.


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