Why Should You Convert Excel Property Investment Calculator into Mobile App?

conver excesheet into mobile app

As property investor, realtor, rehabber, wholesaler, syndicator or real estate broker you always aim to generate a good capital growth, substantial rental income, potential tax benefit or some sort of economic profitability from your investment property. And in order to do so, you must be using a property investment calculator spreadsheet to estimate or evaluate the net profitability to be derived from such investment property.

However you may have to conduct a lot of work-around in that real estate investment calculator in Excel (.xls or .xlsx) to ascertain such values. Further, there are many drawbacks of using excel spreadsheets, a few of which include following:

  1. Complicated Dashboard: Excel Spreadsheet gets complicated and messy with numerous data entries causing unease for user to interpret or summarize the information quickly. Not just that, it does not befits the agile business practices where real-time data analysis or ad hoc reports matter a lot.
  2. Good know-how of Excel is Mandate: A Good understanding of advanced features of excel becomes a mandate in order to ascertain, alter and analyze data that ultimately contributes in rational decision making.
  3. Data is Scattered and Not Centralized: The name (SPREADsheet) itself describes the state or condition where critical data and crucial information is spread and distributed causing challenges to secure and manage it effectively.

How converting Property cum Real Estate Investment Calculator Spreadsheet into Mobile App can help?

Converting Property cum Real Estate Investment Calculator Spreadsheet into Mobile App not only makes it a handy tool to conduct such financial analysis on the go but it also increases its usability for everyone including people who are non-technical.

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