Why should you care about UI/UX Design for your Mobile Apps?


They say it is an age of packaging, branding, designing etc. But, if that is really the heart of the matter, it has to be understood rather deeply. Designing/packaging is the sum total of substance. The solider the substance, the more articulate designing has to be. If you fail to make design speak of that solid substance inside, you end up being nowhere.

Yes, and in the world of mobile application development, when you have got swanky smart phones, you ought to have mobile apps that have extra ordinary UI – user interface which inevitably give extraordinary UX – user experience.

Let us understand the importance of mobile app UI/UX design keeping in mind current trends in UI/UX design and why should you choose a user interface design company in India like Space-O to get your mobile apps designed.

Simplification of content with depth

Now-a-days, smartness lies in being simple and meaningful. The iOS 7 or KitKat for that matter respond to this user preference. Simplicity is now synonymous with design in which elements can interact intuitively. When you want a clear and simpler mobile app, it certainly means to clear unnecessary elements of the design from the app and make the navigations easier and smarter.

Gesture-based apps

Gone are the days, when you needed to tap or press your smart phones. A gesture of a specific body part is all that is required to operate your smart phone. In the same way, you need to design your mobile app that can be operated and run simply by a gesture of a body part. Choose your mobile app UI/UX design services provider which can tap this current trend and come up with a unique mobile app of your requirement.

Effective communication with better icons and typography

Icons and fonts form a major part of the look and feel of any mobile app. When there is an insistence of simpler and flatter look, even fonts are customized to match to this trend. A professional user interface design company in India like Space-O knows this thoroughly. There is this increasing urge to have more clarity of content and that is why unlike good-old-days, the focus is on using the same fonts with different weights and dimensions rather than employing a hotchpotch of different fonts. This in turn, results in better functionality and usability.


2014 is going to be a fabulous year not only in terms of constant innovative mobile devices being introduced every day, but also because with every new device, there opens up an opportunity for new type of mobile app and hence a new opportunity in the world of user interface design and user experience. Phablets are going to rock for those users who are seeking something in between mobile and tablets. There is no doubt that both Apple and Windows would take no time to follow Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3. So, all enterprises and developers community will have to come up with innovative designs for user interface and innovative ways to make user experience of mobile app more pleasant and meaningful.

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