Why Giant Companies like Microsoft and Google are Investing in Keyboard Apps?


According to the SwiftKey’s estimation, nearly 10 trillion keystrokes, across 100 languages, more than 100,000 years in combined typing time have been saved by SwiftKey’s users.

An eight-year-old London based Company, SwiftKey has been acquired by Microsoft. SwiftKey makes a software keyboard for a mobile device that ensures accurate typing. Its software can be found on millions of Google Android and Apple iOS devices around the globe.

Powering over 300 million smart devices, SwiftKey’s technology delivers more personal computing experiences by delivering users’ needs versus responding to their commands. Initially, Swift launched on Android in 2010 and arrived on iOS less than two years ago.

Microsoft made a commitment to bring its software and service to all the platforms and fulfilling its commitment by acquiring SwiftKey. Microsoft also continues to develop SwiftKey’s market-leading keyboard app for Android and iOS and also explore scenarios for the core technology integration across the product’s breadth and service portfolio.

SwiftKey’s predictive technology along with Microsoft’s investments create fabulous systems that work on users’ behalf and under their control.

Finally, Microsoft Has Released Its Own New Keyboard App for iOS

Hub Keyboard offers different SwiftKey-inspired features and integrated with Office 365. It’s free to download. This application improves the default iOS keyboard and will help users, who’s deep in the Office 365 ecosystem.

For easy contact sharing, users can easily grab OneDrive files and drop the links directly in the chat messages and link their address book. SwiftKey’s auto-complete feature is cleverly used by this application for speedier typing experience.

Those users, who are an Office 365 fan, can stick with third-party keyboard for iOS. It doesn’t have easy access to emoji and that’s something users will give up this app soon.

As it is the project from Microsoft’s Garage, this application will be changed in the future if the interest is there.

KeyBard for Typing Like the Revered Playwright

ShakeSpeak, launched by SwiftKey, is a limited edition keyboard that enables to type like the Bard. It also enable users to learn Shakespearean prose, if they want to impress their friends.

How do User type like Shakespeare?

Download the “KeyBard” to visit ShakeSpeak on SwiftKey Greenhouse. Just like the SwiftKey app, the ShakeSpeak keyboard learns from users to type and keep out for some of his most -recognized phrases, which are dotted throughout an app.

Their language experts have been working hard to analyze Shakespeare’s complete works in order to enable to inject an authentic Elizabethan touch in writing. There are some popular playwright’s words and phrases used to give an authentic Shakespearean feel such as ‘thou, thee, thy’, Ha!’ Or an ‘O!’ Or a ‘What ho!’, ‘Ha!’, ‘What!’, ‘How now!’, ‘Away!’ and ‘Hark!’ and so on.

SwiftKey Raised Funding of $22 million from Investors like Octopus, Index and Accel.

Getting funding of $22 million from investors signify that they have realized an opportunity with Microsoft when the Windows software giant began acquiring other companies that focused on mobile productivity to leverage cloud architecture.

Google’s Gboard: Search, GIFs, emojis & more. Right from your keyboard

GBoard app is especially for iPhone users that let them search and send information, emojis, GIFs, and more from their keyboard.

With this application, you can simply send text by the opening search box, find the restaurant, copy the address and paste the address into a message. Finally, click on ‘hit’. It shouldn’t be difficult to search and send stuff on the phone.

From restaurant info, flight times, to news articles, users can search and send all kinds of things. No matter what you search on Google, you can search with Gboard. Users can see the result with the key information center and front like phone number, rating, and hours.

Users can search more than just google search results like instead of rolling smiley to find out one, you can write “dancer” and get the result instantly. Gboard also has Glide Typing features for users to type words by sliding the finger from key to key rather than tapping.

Interestingly, Gboard app works with YouTube, messaging, and email so, you can use it anywhere on your phone. Currently, it is available in English in the U.S and soon, it will update with more language.

Check this video:

App like SwiftKey Delivers Excellent Typing Experience to the Users


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