iPhone App Development & 7 Reasons To Go For It


Everyone considering or contemplating mobile application development thinks – “Why To Go For An iPhone App Development”? And most of the people don’t have the exact reasons or convincing answers.

Hence we took it on ourselves to jot the 7 good reasons for those, who aspire or aim to go with iPhone App Development particularly, which are as follows:

  1. iOS App Store Revenue is 2.6 times than that of Google Play in the first quarter of 2013, as per App Annie Index. No doubt Android App Market is the most booming but it is the second best when it comes to monetization with Apple sustaining the strong lead.
  2. iPhone App Store is available in 150 countries which in itself shows its market penetration.
  3. Apple App Store recently touched 50 Billion App Downloads and there is still a month to go for the store to complete 5 years. There’s an interesting fact behind this stat, if you calculate its close to an average of 28 Million App Downloads a day. Yours can be one.
    Further, there are over 825,000 Apps on Apple App Store and the Average download per app is 50,000.
  4. iOS is one of the platform in the current duopoly market with Android being the other.
  5. If your targeting US and other Asian Markets like China and Japan iPhone App Development is the best choice.
  6. iOS is the world’s most advanced mobile operating system.
  7. iPhone is about Innovation and so iPhone App Development keeps on evolving more than any other mobile application development. For instance First Augmented Reality (AR) Mobile App was made for iPhone.

We can continue with the list but the above mentioned reasons are enough to show the big rather real picture behind iPhone App Development.

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