Why Enterprise Mobility is not just for Larger Businesses but also for SMEs

Are you a small and medium sized business which is wondering why to go for much talked about enterprise mobility solutions?


Are you a small and medium sized business which is wondering how to implement enterprise mobility solutions to make the business more mobile and flexible?


Are you both?

If any of the questions make you respond with a “YES“, this is for you.

To explore the first question, let us look at the facts.

  • Compared to one billion smart devices shipped in the year of 2011, the year of 2016 is expected to witness this number to be doubled.
  • In 2011, there were 31 billion mobile applications that were downloaded; this number is expected to be 66 billion in the year of 2016.
  • 33% of small and midsize businesses are using mobile CRM, 25% are using mobile filed service management, 24% use mobile time management and capture.

Apart from these statistical facts, the ground reality of small and medium size businesses are changing. Very often, these companies have smaller work force. This leads to over work at times if not always. This leads to work-life imbalance. Enterprise mobility solutions play a key role in restoring this work-life balance.

When you – the employer of a small and medium size business – provide mobility solutions to your employees, they can:

  • maintain work-life balance
  • feel more privileged and important in the organization
  • can drive business from anywhere thereby expanding the horizons of business ultimately leading to higher RIO and increased customer base
  • Employees feel more comfortable and work with creativity rather stress – the silent killer of the modern era

To explore the second question, let us admit that there are challenges to implement mobility solutions for small and medium sized businesses. They are:

  • Clear strategy for mobility solutions
  • To get the efficient and experienced technology partner such as Space-O to develop and implement mobility solutions seamlessly
  • Clear road map for the security of those solutions

When you overcome these challenges with the help of technology firms such as Space-O, you have more than one reason to count as why mobility solutions are not confined to larger businesses only. Some of them are:

  • Mobility solutions for small and medium sized businesses facilitate work-from-anywhere culture
  • This leads to enhancing business and maintaining better customer relations with greater and faster collaboration and communication
  • Makes information sharing and response faster and better in critical matters
  • Reduces costs on papers and other infrastructure used in traditional business environment

In order to achieve all these goals, it is very important that small firms get to the right technology partner. One of the keys to identify the right technology firm is its ability to understand your business and chart out a holistic mobility solutions strategy for you. It includes:

  • Developing a single platform through which a business can control its mobility solutions. This also means avoiding a mess many organizations face due to many types of devices and many types of applications.
  • Developing tools that ensure total data security and confidentiality. Such tools may involve data authentication, data encryption, data fading, remote lock and data wiping etc.
  • Ensuring smooth and effective integration of enterprise mobility solutions for small and medium sized businesses into their traditional business environment.

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