Why Does Your App Need Cloud Integration?


While anyone and everyone talks about Cloud and Cloud integrated apps today, barely anyone even asks why? Cloud Computing as it is still known, uses a network of servers to allow access to users so that they can use and operate data, from any device that has internet connection.

According to Siliconangle, “by 2015, end-user spending on cloud services could be more than $180 billion.” Also it is predicted that the global market will reach $79.1 billion, for cloud equipment, by 2018. About 82% of companies that moved to the Cloud or adopted the cloud services, have reported of saving money.

With these and more statistics about Cloud integrated apps coming up, it is impossible for anyone, especially enterprises to then ignore cloud. It is almost mandatory to think about your apps to come, whether you are an established enterprise looking for mobility or a startup.

While considering the matter, these are some points you must keep in mind:

This is the new inn thing:

While Cloud is already ruling famous apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Zomato, Evernote and more, the demand for cloud integrated apps is increasing. Even your end users, the employees, have used best cloud integrated apps and expect the same freedom and quality from the enterprise app.

No Major Investment:

While setting up an infallable infrastructure can cost you for a huge capital, using Cloud does not really have any capital investment. All you have to pay for is what you use, nothing more and nothing extra. This is one of the important points to remember while deciding.

It is Reliable:

While basic infrastructure that needs to be set up is expensive, it is not even reliable. It basically means that some load on one of the websites can affect other sites and at the end of the day there is the fear of your server crashing. While working on Cloud, it never goes down. Cloud is ready to face challenges as behind its working are masters in technology. It is more reliable than your set up infrastructure.

Convenient and continuous usage…

With the Cloud Integrated apps, a team member can always keep in touch with his/her work and the tasks to do. With in-build infrastructure, the employees are restricted to work within the perimeter of the office. But with Cloud integration, they can continue working on their PC, personal laptop, iPad, Tab, Smartphones and any other device that can be connected to internet. One can be anywhere, anywhere your imagination can take you, but you still have access to the work, you were working on.


While on a daily basis even a single editing in an app takes time and one change creates 1000 other changes unwillingly. Cloud brings you a solution, for this issue. Changes made to cloud hosted apps can be easily done and it reflects the installations without any need of tedious job of update.

Wrapping Up!

While these are a few positives of the integrating cloud with your apps, here are some of the negative points that need to be taken care of. While cloud is continuous and technically reliable, it can not be relied upon when it comes to maintaining the privacy. A few cases of some apps getting hacked because of the vulnerability of Cloud had come out in the recent past. While many other problems have been answered to and solved by Cloud, this issue will soon be eradicated too.

With many organizations implementing BYOD, cloud integration for mobile technologies has increased. It has become the new norm in mobile app development.

Cloud can become a wheelchair for your handicapped business. It can convert your truck like business into a sports car. If you still hold doubts, however, then sign in for our 30 minutes free consultation.

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