Why Clients Hire iPhone Application Developer Over Android?

Believe it or not but clients prefer to hire iPhone application developer prior to engaging an android app developer, i.e. Android is usually a second option for majority of the companies seeking mobile app development.

Any mobile app development company that creates mobile apps for multiple platforms will narrate the same story. However, this doesn’t mean Android has no potential at all to influence or impact smart phone user audience.

If we talk about the 1st Quarter of 2013, Google Play had a higher percentage growth rate and a greater benefit in absolute downloads. Despite clients prefer to hire iPhone application developer over Android because of three following reasons:

Hire iPhone Application Developer Over Android
    1. Monetization: Not every smart phone user is willing to pay for smart phone apps or its features. However, iPhone users are an exception when it comes to spending money on mobile apps or their features. Needless to say iPhone apps lead strongly in monetization.

Even if we talk about the statistics, iOS App Store earned 2.6 times the app revenue of Google Play, as per App Annie’s Market Report for Q1, 2013.

  1. Adaptableness: iPhone users are the front runners and more receptive when it’s about adapting novelty. And this is probably because mostly apps with new concepts and mobile technologies are launched first on iPhone. Here we can use the example of Augmented Reality (AR) Mobile Application which was first launched for iPhone.
  2. Return on Investment (ROI): Likeliness of reaching your targeted audience (or mobile app user base) is more in iPhone than Android. You can again refer the above mentioned link.

So if you have to hire one then you should hire iPhone app developer over Android because of the bundled benefits you can gain from.

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