Why BYOD Implementation is becoming a mandate?


BYOD is among the top trends where some enterprises see it as evolution while others perceive it as revolution. However, regardless of the enterprises’ liking or disliking, BYOD is going to remain here for quite a few years.

Here are a few statistics that show the growing urge for BYOD:

UnOfficial and UnSupported Use:

  1. 67% use personal devices at word irrespective of the official BYOD Policy(Source: Microsoft)
  2. 53% of information users use their personal devices for work; install unsupported software; or use unsupported Internet based services like Dropbox, Skype, Twitter, or Facebook to help them do their jobs. (Source Forrester)


  1. 4 out of 5 employees use their personal devices for work, which make them happy and more productive.
  2. 78% of employees believe that having a single mobile device helps balance employees’ work and personal lives (Source: Samsung)

Current State:

  1. Employees are 45 per cent more productive when they use mobile apps.

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Although above mentioned data is limited, it is yet enough to clearly state that BYOD is becoming a mandate. For more details, information and assistance related with BYOD implementation contact us.


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