Why Android App Development Costs More Than iOS Application Development?



If you are under impression that android app development costs less due to mobile operating system being open source or for any given reason, you must rethink. It in fact demands a huge investment of money as well as time & efforts compared to iOS app development mainly because of “FRAGMENTATION.”

And just so you know there are about 4000 different Android devices as identified in fragmentation report by OpenSignal.com

Now let’s take an account of some crucial factors:
  1. Screen Size: Android devices come in a variety of sizes. Designing app layouts that may work without a glitch across all the screens with different resolutions is quite a big challenge. Apps should be able to stretch and compress as per thousands different shapes of screens to render conventional if not incredible experience across all the devices.
  2. Hardware Configuration: There is a huge diversity in hardware configuration of Android devices meaning app experience will vary on different devices if the mobile app uses hardware attributes.
  3. OS Version or API Levels: Although one can build an app with a higher level API and still deploy that to lower level devices, it requires a good tricks and techniques to be employed with great care. Further Google releases API and new features at a much faster rate than hardware vendors’ ability to patch their devices.
  4. User Interface: User Interface (UI) is also a contributing factor in any app and Android device manufactures have offered a no better deal to developers, i.e. they have their own variants of the system UI (Samsung’s Touchwiz and the HTC Sense are good examples to talk about).

When you consider all these factors, you will realize how challenging and costly it is to go with android app development compared to iOS app development that shares the same popularity but less fragmentation problems.

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