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Though Bring Your Own Device (or BYOD, as popular) has been here for a number of years now, risk-averse enterprises still hesitate to implement BYOD.
It is obvious and evident before everyone in the business ecosystem that “Consumerization of IT” is changing the game. With employees seeking more freedom and flexibility in working styles and paradigms, enterprises are obligated to adopt BYOD.
Adopting enterprise mobility is a progressive move for many organizations today. They reap benefits from the change, including happier employees, better productivity, improved efficiency, and higher revenue.
Enterprise mobility is fast becoming the epitome of technological, progress that this era has seen. The corporate sector all across the globe has engaged itself in a multi dimensional usage strategy for enterprise mobility applications.
The advent of fast, reliable and accessible technology brought with it numerous advances. We moved from manual systems to automated ones in all occupations. Our accounting systems moved from tedious, repetitive registers to the easy and efficient computer workbooks or accounting software.
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