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Share your secrets, discover new worlds, and make new friends at ease being anonymous

In the world of technology where meeting & sharing has become difficult, Whisper and Secret like App makes it easy being anonymous.

So what exactly is a Whisper and Secret App?

Whisper is a free iOS and Android mobile app that allows users to send messages anonymously and receive replies. The messages posted by the users are displayed as text superimposed over an image which is similar to a greeting card.

Whisper and Secret apps being a completely anonymous social network, are the best place for people to express themselves, connect with like-minded individuals and explore the unseen world around them. Apart from this it also allows you to share anonymously one’s thoughts, stories,and feelings with the world and form meaningful relationships in the community.

What is Whisper app

Want a place to share or Whisper WhatsApp like Apps for Android/iPhone?

If we look back in the past few days or months, none had enough time to share their intimate things with their close ones but not anymore. With the Whisper app coming in, the users can anonymously share their secrets with millions of active users. The app is popular with young generation, a place to grip in. Whisper acquaints a user of posts created by people within a radius of a mile. So here comes the most awaited apps, especially for the people who have been waiting for a long time to share their intimate moments. Secret apps gives the freedom to anonymously share one’s thought with the world at a very fast-pace.

Why there is a need to create Secret or Whisper like apps?

Anonymous social sharing apps like Whisper and Secret have jagged in popularity over the past few months and novice startups like Yik Yak, Erodr, and Confess are also giving people the chance to post without getting revealed. This app which is in trend will see its billion $ existence very soon.

Anonymity and pseudonymity have been important to the Internet and online communication since people started logging on. The app is envisioned to promote online anonymity. This is basically done to combat cyber bullying. Similar apps like Whisper and Secret gives users the opportunity to confess the things that could potentially ruin their personal life which involves marriage, friendship or job loss without having repercussions.

There can also be many monetization channels built around such an app.

Hire Space-O?

Space-O creates the right environment and opportunity for the people who want to make their dream leap forward with the right attitude. We are a company with branches all around the globe and a strong vision with a focused dedicated business model which helps to sustain the growth in a dynamic and challenging global market.

We rely on an entrepreneurial approach to work and invigorate ideas through our proficient developers who have excelled in their areas and know exactly what it takes to create an App as such. Tinder clone is the best example that can be viewed. Other than this we have transmission protocols/ cloud enablement to Alternative apps like WhatsApp.

Developers at Space-O have carved a niche by themselves by creating whisper like anonymous social messaging apps, with the recent one that was created on Snapchat like auto destruction features for the Chats.

We believe in uniqueness and value our customer thoughts and ideas and sketch out the same for them with the help of our developers to give best in industry.

Do you provide marketing service for Whisper or Secret like app?

We are mobile app development company, not limited our hand only by developing mobile apps or cloning apps but we would love to take the apps to market and cross the records like Whisper and Secret.

We have a team of 8 members, who dedicatedly work on ASO(App Store Optimization). So when you partner with us, sure we can help you out to market your mobile application. Apart from this we also have standard ASO substance such as optimizing the screenshots and keywords and writing meaningful App description that is the basic essence in selling.

Our marketing team have mastered in understanding the bits and pieces of leading mobile ad platforms such as Chart boost, RevMob, Applovin and so on and how they can be leveraged to promote such an anonymous social networking app.

How much does a secret social sharing app like Whisper cost?

We offer affordable app development and customization. There are a lot of factors that affect the pricing of the app, for example, customization, the platform on which the app is to be built, etc.On an average, anonymous confessional iOS apps like Whisper and Secret would cost you around “536 * $30 = $16080” and the Whisper App for Android cost you around “609 * $30 = $18270”. We have ventured to set forth a detailed analysis and estimation for an app like Whisper.

DeliverablesDescriptionEstimated Man Hours 
DevelopmentGraphics DesignQC/TestingProject ManagementTOTAL
(I) iOS Application1. Business Analysis & Communication182.72.71.825.2
2. Base Code & Architecture81.21.20.811.2
3. Features:
3.1. Top Menu40.
3.2. Whisper List142.12.11.419.6
3.3. See whisper Details60.
3.4. See Replies40.
3.5. See Related40.
3.6. Like a Whisper20.
3.7. Flag a Whisper60.
3.8. Share a Whisper:
3.8.1. Facebook60.
3.8.2. Twitter40.
3.8.3. Pinterest30.450.450.34.2
3.8.4. Tumblr30.450.450.34.2
3.8.5. Message20.
3.8.6. Email20.
3.8.7. Whatsapp20.
3.8.8. Save20.
3.9. Add a Reply or post a Whisper:
3.9.1. Search101.51.5114
3.9.2. Take Piture or Choose from Lirary60.
3.9.3. Choose Font60.
3.9.4. Add Tags101.51.5114
3.9.5. Post Whisper30.450.450.34.2
3.10. Chat507.57.5570
3.11. Profile101.51.5114
3.12. Settings121.
3.13. Invite Friends101.51.5114
3.14. Discover121.
3.15. Cusom Tab Bar60.
3.16. Status Bar notifications60.
3.17. Location Services50.750.750.57
3.18. Push Notifications60.
4. Graphics Design Integration2033228
5. Base Server Interaction81.21.20.811.2
(II) Android ApplicationAndroid considered as 120% of iOS development453.6
(III) Web Services (API) & Backend Website1. Business Analysis & Discussion162.41.620
2. Base Code & DB121.81.215
3. Web Services (API):80128100
4. Backend Website406450

Developing Whisper or Secret like anonymous social sharing app for iPhone or android has been made easy here. You are just a click away click away from making more money.

FAQs for app like Ghost Lens App

Typically the exact ETA depends upon the App’s specifications and other variables. On getting detailed requirement to create the app, it will approximately take about 4-5 weeks

Making the pictures and comments that can be posted anonymously to the public forage which can be viewed by the public –see them, like them and post a reply.

With our expertise and real life experience on app development, yes, surely you can make money by creating an app like Whisper.

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Depending upon the vocation that is selected, at Space-O, our team of developers certifies that the developed code is well tested and confirms as per the needs. Along with this our marketing team will research and figure out best possible ways to promote the App. However, if you intend to just clone the anonymous social media app for the purpose of Cloning, it might not work because we don’t believe in cloning the app. We believe in creating a totally customized app with some inherited features. Figure out a niche around how anonymous app like Secret and Whispers works and you can leverage our team.

Space-O has always respected their clients and have stitched or work on-time, the testimonial speaks by themselves about us, kindly look at our testimonial page. Trust is what making this world go ahead, we would be delighted if you could take up on a pilot project and experience yourself if the requirements have been accomplished up to the mark.

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