An Easy Way to Find Which Chatbot Suits Your Business


News in the air that Facebook has developed artificial intelligence-powered “chat-bots” into its Messenger application for business to provide chat service to their users. Chatbots convince users with clicking a link or save credit card for future payment.

Most of the people believe that they are real breathing humans. However, the creators of chatbot programs work hard to create a new chatbot.

Types of Chatbot for Your Business

There are two main types of chatbots, i.e. “stand-alone” and web-based. In stand-alone, chatbot runs on a single computer whereas web-based runs on a remote server and generally, able to reach the general public through a web page.

The stand-alone bots integrate with some sort of system interface for enable bot to control some functions of the computer like documents, media files, etc. Usually, it has inbuilt graphical component and an avatar, it improves interaction and ultimately, improve the user experience.

The web-based chatbot is similar to the blank white web page that embedded with a form. It’s a sole interface between user and bot. Any improvement or ‘upgrade’ to the interface are the responsibility of the botmaster.

Stand-Alone Chatbot Applications

There are many stand-alone chatbot apps like AI Bliss and Kari having a lot of advantages such as:

Stand-alone chatbot apps are simple to install and easy to use. They have an engaging graphical interface and rich world to explore. Generally, it comes with a Text to Speech (TTS) system that adds an audio component to enhance user experience.

Web-Based Chatbots

One of the best things about Web-Based Chatbots is it enables users to control over behavior and personality. Users can have their own bot hosted for free through “premium” options.

There are different tools available to develop chatbot for Facebook Messenger. One of the simplest method to develop chatbot is through using NLP (natural language processing) engines or business could program their own by understanding AI. Here is the list of different options to develop Chatbots:

Personality Forge is an online platform for developing virtual chatterbots. Users just have to create a free account to start developing their own chatbot in minutes.

Pandorabots enables to develop an ALICE/AIML based bots that enable to edit and publish the response, but unable to have character/voice options. It has premium service and thus, charges a certain amount for chatbot development.

Not satisfied with above mentioned online tools? You can also program your own chatbot from scratch or else, hire a development company to develop a chatbot for the Facebook messenger. If you are thinking to develop your own chatbot from the scratch, you must have knowledge of coding.
Moreover, hiring a mobile app development company to develop chatbots ensure to deliver the final product with a lot of features and tools. We have developed different messaging applications and thus, our experienced mobile app developers have an idea about how to create chatbot for a messaging application.

One of our developed a social-cum-business application is Tuloko that connects people to their local community through messenger service. This app enables users to chat on events, businesses, news targeted to the black community. With Tuloko application, you can get information on curated news, and events. It allows group chat up to 40 people at once.


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