Questions to Ask When You are All Set to Hiring an iPhone App Developer


When you want to hire an iPhone app developer or a freelance iOS Developer, you need to make sure whether she fits the bill. Following are some questions that you need to ask her before you go ahead and hire your iPhone developer.

Ask for a portfolio

Work and the way it has been done speak for the mobile developer. It is therefore better to ask your prospective iPhone developer to give you an access to her previous work. This can reflect a lot about her efficiency, expertise and experience. However, though the professional work cannot exactly be the tools to measure her efficiency, you can even ask for work which she might have done as a part of her hobby or passion. This then can make you in a better position to decide whether it is the one whom you want to hiring an iPhone app developer.

Check what kind of smart phone she uses

Well, this question may seem to be a bit out of the track, but if you think carefully, it may have some merit in it. When you ask your prospective iPhone developer about the smart phone that she uses, you may get the idea of the latest technology that she is well-versed with and her preference about choosing a specific device and corresponding technology.

Check her ideas about monetizing app

When you want to hiring an iPhone app developer, you need to ask her what she thinks about monetizing an app and how it has to be done. The primary purpose of developing any iPhone app is to gain some monetary benefits out of it even if the app may be sold for free. In that case, a developer should be smart enough to know the ways to monetize apps even if they are to be sold free of charge. She should be aware of integration of mobile display apps, in-app purchases or paid subscription services as part of elegant and professional iPhone app development.

Preference for ways of communication

Communication is a major aspect in any mobile app development including iPhone app development. If you are an offshore company, communication becomes all the more crucial because teams are not meeting in person. Check with her how she prefers to communication when it comes to her professional dealings – chat, Skype, phone, e-mails, etc. If you want to hire a freelance iPhone app developer, you also need to make sure about her availability. At what time she should be able to communicate with her clients and by what mode should be made clear before you hire her.

Be clear about remuneration aspects

This is the most crucial part of the process to hire iPhone developer. Make sure that you ask her about her expectations and see whether they match or exceed. Good thing about this practice is, if her expectations are lower, and if you can afford more, you can always offer more and that can instantly work as magic in terms of winning her trust and appreciation as an appreneur. It also means that you respect talent and money to be awarded to that talent. When the expectations exceed, you may try to come to a common platform and create a win-win formula.

These are some of the basic questions that you need to ask when you want to hire iPhone developer.

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