What to look for when you want to hire Game Developers to Create Addictive Games?

questions to ask before hiring a developer

The trend is to make money faster and smarter. The path goes through developing match-3 style games like Candy Crush Saga or Bejeweled. However, the thought of development starts with good developers. And in order to get the good developers, you need to hire game developers that can create addictive games and win the battle out there in the app store.

Let us have a look at qualifications that you may require to hire game developers who can create addictive games.

Understanding of source code:

It is quite clear that if you want to hire developers to create addictive games in tune of match-3 style games, she needs to know the importance of source code. The knowledge of source code is crucial to the development addictive games. It is this source code which serves as the “magic wand” in the process of developing match-3 style games. When you hire game developers to create addictive games, make sure how many source codes she is familiar with in terms of match-3 style games. You may want to give her a pilot project to clone or re-skin any popular game.

An eye to detail:

When you are set to re-skin or clone the older game, your challenge lies in how you can innovate and create a feel which is unique and not just an imitation of an earlier version. In order to create this, one of the most important traits is an eye to detail. For example, when people at large generalize and criticize the cloning or re-skinning of popular games, they often fail to understand the subtle differences of the game and their nuances.

In that sense, developing an engaging and addictive game is nothing short of art. You need to hire games programmers who know this art quite well and are good at its expression too.


Depending upon the scope and the possibilities of the project, you need to check for how many hours your developer is available to you. If you are considering a free lancer option, you need to arrange mutually acceptable hours to be available to each other. If there is a big time difference, you may want to arrange a functional and sustainable system so that all stakeholders in the development are aware of the progression of the development of match-3 style games.


It is very necessary that your developer is bilingual or at least knows the English language. However, knowledge of language is not the whole thing. A skill to communicate it is what counts at the end of the day. Check the communication skills of a candidate that you want to hire to develop addictive and engaging games.

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