Top 3 Considerations That Tech Startups Need to Bear in Mind When Developing a Wellness App


This post embraces information for health tech startups and entrepreneurs. By the end of this post, you’ll get to know the 3 important considerations, which are essential to consider during fitness and wellness app development.

Nowadays, people do strive hard to make themselves fit. However, the technology works like icing on the cake. Best wellness apps help users to shed extra kilos by providing various programs.

Well, there are a number of wellness tech startups, who are cultivating the wellness industry. And, these tech startups are Calm, Sweat, MyFitnessPal, and 8Fit Workouts. From the latest report from Sensor Tower Intelligence, previous year i.e. 2018 experienced healthy growth in the revenue in health and fitness apps worldwide. This is what you can see in this image.


If we’re talking about the stats from the report, there are top 10 health and fitness apps, which have increased by 61% in 2018, reaching $327 million.

The Shape of Wellness & Fitness Industry

  • The global wellness industry was $4.2 trillion market in 2017, according to the report from Global Wellness Economy Monitor.
  • The wellness will remain one of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing industries.
  • The industry grew 12.8% from 2015-2017 from a $3.7 trillion to $4.2 trillion markets, approximately twice as fast as global economic growth (3.6%).
  • Talking about the shape of the wellness industry in the United States, “It is projected that the total revenue of the corporate wellness service industry will be around 11.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2021.


GuavaPass: Health & Wellness App

Headquartered in Singapore, GuavaPass has already gained popularity across Asia and the Middle East. Launched back in 2015, GuavaPass app offers an online platform, which provides information on fitness studios and healthy-living experts from Bangkok, Dubai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Taipei.


This app allows users to book classes based on preferred time, location, activities such as boxing, yoga, cardio, high-intensity training, dance, Muay Thai, and barre.

Top 3 Considerations That Tech Startups Need to Bear in Mind When Developing a Successful Wellness App

1. Search, Discover & Book Classes Based on Preferred Time, Location & Activity

One of the important considerations, which you need to consider for people, who want to shed some weight. One of the important considerations is to allow users to search, discover and book workout classes online. Allowing users with thousands of workout classes to choose from. This feature is important to consider for lessening the time of your users/fitness enthusiasts where they can easily do workouts without making extra efforts.


Image Source: guavapass

If you are considering this solution, which provides convenience to them, then the odds are your users will retain for a long time. All top of it, it is essential to consider things, which directly can be great solutions for them.

2. Build a Strong Fitness Community

If you want to create a popular fitness app, then don’t forget to implement this important consideration, which is important to attract fitness enthusiasts. There is no room for doubt in that the fitness industry is booming rapidly. So, the next important consideration is to build a fitness community to meet the needs of your users or fitness enthusiasts.


Image Source: guavapass

This does not only benefit your app users to meet new fitness freaks, but they would get support, motivation, and inspiration from other fitness enthusiasts. People do need continuous motivation and a fitness platform where they can develop. Hence, this is the primary consideration if you have ever thought of creating health and wellness app or building ClassPass like service app.

3. Daily Stats & Reminders

The next important thing, which is essential is to let your app users get daily statistics of their workouts and daily routines, including steps, burnt calories, drinking water reminders, and diverse activities. However, all features that you are going to implement into your fitness and wellness app make sure that they eventually push fitness enthusiasts or app users towards their goals.


An ideal fitness and wellness tracker app must embrace features that directly encourage them to achieve their fitness goals. If you would like to create a wellness app, then these considerations are highly recommended to consider during wellness and fitness app development.

Coming to the next essential consideration is to let your users know about reminding their upcoming workout classes, deals, and membership discounts. In short, reminder feature keeps them updated and help them to be active towards their fitness goals, which are associated with workouts.

Concluding Remarks

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