Weekly Round-Up: Top Mobile App News and App Development Guide for Entrepreneurs and Startups

weekly roundup

Mobile apps are ruling the world. From profits to user engagement, business insights to performance loopholes, everything is available in our 5-inch screen. Being a leading custom mobile app development company, we have been writing on trending topics of mobile apps. If you are planning to enter the mobile app world but are thinking about the current mobile app trends and app process, you must have a quick look at this weekly roundup.

It’s hard to imagine our lives without smartphones. These days when we are hungry or want to reach somewhere on time, arrange a party decor, appointments from doctor to beauticians, everything is just an app away. 

With this growing mobile app trends, there is an outrageous increase in revenue of the App Store and Google Play Store where user-generated a combined $39.7billion in spending mobile apps and games during the first half of 2019. The usage ratio has gone up by 15.4 percent across both stores than the first half of 2018. 

weekly roundup

Now, obviously, these mobile app growth statistics are shocking and liberating the fact that the world is shifting online. So, it is an apt and convenient step to take your business online and be ahead of your competition. Have a look at this weekly roundup that covered our top published blogs on mobile app news and development guide.

#1 Top 5 Money Making Apps in the Transportation Industry

The transportation app industry has been driven by some fantastic app developments like Uber, Lyft, Grab, and Careem. So, inspired by these apps the transportation category saw many more Lyft and Uber alternatives. We have curated top 5 money making apps like Uber in the transportation industry. We discussed these transportation apps with our transport app consultant and deeply researched on them. 

Being an award-winning mobile app development company and experience of developing over 50 transportation apps like Uber, we have mentioned some must-have features to consider. 

#2 Mobile App Development Process Steps to Build Your First Successful App

This blog was written by a mere accidental conversation with our mobile app developers. The discussion ended up in writing a detailed mobile app development process of our firm. 

From where did this strike us?

There is a lot written on what to with your new mobile app idea, thus without talking around the bush, we have discussed how we deal with our mobile app projects. Interested in knowing how a leading app development company who has developed over 3500 apps functions? Have a look at our 8 essential app development process for successful app development.

#3 Uber for Tutoring: 3 Lessons of Snapask to Consider While Developing a Successful Tutoring App

The education segment is getting into a new phase with mobile learning apps. Due to population increase and education awareness, the ratio of students to teachers has increased. Thus, there are many homework apps and education app development to meet the needs of Gen Z. 

When it comes to talking about Uber for tutoring app, we came across the top tutoring app Snapask which amassed $20million along the way. The question may arise is your mind that what is so different about this app than other e-learning apps? We have curated lessons for you which are highlighting specific offerings which in turn is increasing its customer engagement.

#4 How Our Developed Health and Fitness App of Dara Torres Solved 3 Problems in the Health and Fitness Industry

In this blog, we are particularly talking about our developed health and fitness app. As per the current mobile app trends, we have started integrating machine learning into our health and fitness apps. With the experience of developing over 40 fitness apps like Get Fit Buddy, Gymboss, Hypervibe, Dara Torres health and fitness apps, we are eager to work on artificial intelligence and machine learning-based apps for the health industry.

Herein we have curated how we, at Space-O Technologies, overcame the challenges and provided an apt solution through our fitness app to Dara Torres who has won over 12 Olympic medals for America.

#5 How to Create an Online Food Ordering System? (Complete Guide)

Find a complete guide on creating an online food ordering system along with its stats, purpose of the system, features, revenue model and estimated cost. We wrote this blog with the guidance of our food and drink app consultant.

#6 3 Lessons of Muzmatch ‘Muslim Tinder’ That Raised $7M to Become the Next Big Tinder Alternative for Muslim Majority

Tinder alternatives are transforming the dating app genre. If you are having dating app ideas, or do you want to make a matchmaking app, have a look at the Muzmatch ‘Muslim Tinder’ app which is melding Western Social norms with cultural expectations found in the homelands.

So, here are our top 5 of this week. We will continue to bring noteworthy mobile app trends material from across the web. Though everyone is free to browse any section on the website, we want to lessen your scrolling burden and provide you with these short updates on our weekly roundup.

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