Weekly Roundup: Let’s Have a Quick Look Into Mobile App Ideas, iOS Tutorial & News That We Covered

weekly roundup

Finally, we are back with our weekly roundup that will help you to check out all the posts that we have published this week. From ride sharing app features to top payment gateways that we integrated into over 500 apps and steps to create a successful online banking app like Monzo. So, let’s get started.

Did you feel a little lazy this week that you missed checking out our latest mobile app ideas, news and development guide? We also sent emails, containing our blog updates that you might have missed reading. Well, not to worry because here’s a weekly roundup for you. 

In this weekly roundup, we have covered all the blog posts that we have published this week. From ride-sharing app features to how to integrate multiple windows feature in iPad OS, steps to create banking app like Monzo, and list of top payment gateways that we have successfully integrated into over 500 mobile apps. Without discussing more, let’s have a quick look into all the posts. 

Weekly Roundup of Latest Mobile App News and Updates That You Must Check Out

1. Want to Make a Successful Ride Sharing App Like Uber? Don’t Miss These 5 Must-Have Features From Our Taxi App Expert

Do you have a taxi startup or an established cab business? Doesn’t it get tiring to keep manual records of drivers, trips, payments? Dealing with customer complaints, late arrivals or driver’s no showups? We have the perfect solution for your transport and logistics business problems – an app like Uber. Uber like app development will not only satisfy your customers but will also create more accessibility to your taxi or logistics business. Herein we have curated 5 must-have features for your ride sharing app development that you should consider when curating your driver’s and rider’s app design and functionality.

2. How to Make a Banking App Like Monzo? 6 Step Process to Develop a Successful Banking App

If you have an idea for a virtual bank app, then this blog is for you. Here, we will discuss how to make a banking app like Monzo, a leading virtual bank mobile application. With mobile banking, you can help change the way your customers make payments or deposit money into their accounts. As a bonus, we have also added the benefits of a mobile app like Monzo – keep reading if you are planning to invest in banking app development.

3. Wedding Planning App Development: 4 Lessons of Zola ($650M Wedding Portal) Every Event Startup Should Consider Before Making Their Own Event Planner App

Being in the event planning industry, you must be facing a lot of problems like managing bookings, tracking employees & their work progress, task list, venue details and manually managing all errands. The solution to your problems is – wedding planning app development or we can say event planning app development. A mobile app can seamlessly manage your vendors, wedding registry, and other small errands all in one place and is available round the clock. To ensure you develop a successful wedding app like Zola, we have mentioned 4 lessons of the Zola app which is considered as the fastest growing unicorn in the wedding app industry.

4. List of Best Payment Gateway Integration That We Successfully Integrated In Over 500 Mobile Apps

Are you planning to develop a mobile app that requires a safe and secure payment gateway integration? You must be facing difficulty in selecting the right payment gateway that is safe and secure. Herein we have listed 5 best payment gateways that we have successfully integrated in more than 500 mobile apps. The listed payment gateways are known for their security and support wide regions. So, let’s have a look into these payment gateways and choose the apt one as per your app requirement.

5. 4 Features to Develop a Babysitting App Like Bambino and UrbanSitter Every Childcare Centre Should Consider During Babysitting App Development

This blog is for childcare consultancy or babysitting service providers who are looking for more business opportunities. Provide your service more instantly, connect with your targeted audience, and avail systematic payments through app development. The babysitting app development is a niche market and is still climbing high. As per the recent news from TechCrunch, the consumer revenue of apps has shown a 23% increase in the third quarter of 2019, so you can imagine the demand for mobile apps. So, it’s high time for your babysitting business and childcare consultancy to develop a babysitting app like Urbansitter. Herein we have curated 4 features of best babysitters app that you need to consider during babysitting app development.

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