Wondering About New Trends of Mobile App World? Here’s a Weekly Round Up


Every week, we highlight some noteworthy app innovations and news from across the mobile app world. If you have missed our daily posts on app development guide and the latest news on mobile apps, don’t worry, we have covered all the posts here in this weekly roundup so that you don’t miss important updates of the mobile app world.

Welcome back to our weekly roundup. Our weekly roundup is mainly for those entrepreneurs and startup owners, who have missed some important mobile app news, trends and guides that we post during the entire week.

This week, we covered top trending topics from reasons to invest in car rental apps to ingredients of hotel booking app and ways to grow flower delivery business to features of on-demand delivery app and home service app.

Sound Interesting? So, let’s have a quick look at all these posts that might help you to know what’s going on in the mobile app development market.

RoundUp of Latest Mobile App Development Trends And News You Should Not Miss

1. Running Car Rental Startup in USA or Anywhere in the World? 3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Car Rental App

If you are running a car rental startup or business that you want to grow in different countries, then it’s a high time to invest in car rental app solution. Now, you must be thinking why. Right? Here are 3 reasons why your business needs an app like Uber for car rentals to expand worldwide. This blog will help you to know how car rental app will help your business to expand and grow worldwide.

2. Consider 3 Ingredients of RedDoorz (Singapore-based Hotel Booking App That Recently Raised $70M) to Make a Successful Last-minute Hotel Booking App

Is it an ideal time for hotel app development? We analyzed the market trends and the answer seems to be – yes. We needed first-hand guidance and so had a chat with our mobile app consultant. Even he didn’t contradict us on this observation.

In fact, he went on to tell us about entrepreneurial reasons to make a hotel booking app of your own. The intention of this article is to provide you with 3 ingredients that you must consider when you build a hotel booking app. From this blog, you will come to know 3 most important ingredients to home a successful last minute hotel booking app.

3. How to Grow Your Flower Delivery Startup? 3 Successful Ways By Our App Consultant to Develop an App Like Uber for Flowers

On demand delivery app genre is growing rapidly. With last-minute delivery criteria, the service industry is experiencing a booming trend in online delivery. One of such genres which we came across is “Uber for flowers”.

According to a recent news UrbanStems, an app like Uber for flowers caught our attention when it raised $12M Series B funding to expand its flower business. So, we had a quick conversation with one of our on-demand app consultants to discuss different ways to grow flower gifting business. From this blog, you will learn different ways to expand and grow your flower delivery business in different countries.

4. Integrate These 4 Salient Features for Developing Delivery Service App Like Roadie

Are you running an on-demand delivery startup that you want to expand and grow like Roadie, last-minute delivery or same-day delivery service provider? Then, you have landed in the right place.

This blog contains 4 most important features that discussed and suggested by our on-demand app consultant. Being an owner of the on-demand delivery business, if you want to get success like Roadie, on demand delivery app, don’t overlook these 4 features while developing your Uber for courier delivery app.

5. 4 Features to Consider While Developing Home Service App like Takl (On Demand Home Services Startup)

Home service apps – the new big trend that is gaining huge attention from investors worldwide. Looking at the increasing demand, if you have decided to start your own home service startup or business like Takl app, you have landed in the right place. Herein we have mentioned 4 must-have features of home service app like Takl. We have written these features under the guidance of Sr. on-demand app consultant, who has guided to develop over 30 on demand apps. 

We hope that you enjoyed reading this roundup that might help you to know what’s going in the mobile app development world. In case, if you have any query or confusion related to the app development cost, app development time, how to create an app that makes money, or how to hire mobile app developers, just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly and answer all your queries.

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