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The mobile app world is rapidly catching fire among online users. The global app revenue is climbing up in the third quarter of 2019. The consumer revenue grew 22.9% year-over-year from $17.9 billion and is estimated to reach $21.9 billion. Such tremendous growth eventually shows business opportunities for mobile apps. In this weekly roundup, we have rounded up some great business app ideas for your startups or service providers.

Hands down, we all agree that mobile app advancement has taken over the world. From online shopping to babysitting, hailing cars to food delivery, every industry is exploring the smartphone technology at its best. It is true that a well engaging and standout business app will enhance branding and retain customers. But, for that, you need to have the best mobile app development idea, backed up with a technically sound app developers team.

In today’s digital era, you need an innovative idea to let your mobile app recognized as one of its kind. Mobile app development trends are one thing and getting a successful app developed is another. It is not easy to make your startup outshine among other software applications. Now, without doing any further due, let’s dive into some amazing app business ideas. 

Here’s your weekly roundup of the app development ideas that can bring your business the brand awareness and online user engagement digitally.

Weekly Roundup of All the Latest Mobile App Ideas & Development Guide

#1 3 Lessons to Look Upon When Planning to Develop an App Like Uber for Snow Removal 

Are you providing snow removal services where you face problems while communicating with your customers, managing day to day requests and logistics? A simple solution to having hassle-free systematic business errands is an app like Uber for snow removal. Herein we have rounded up 3 lessons to develop a successful Uber like app for you snow shovelling startups and agencies.

#2 Calorie Counter App Development: How Foodvisor (Best Nutrition App) Raised $1.5million With These 4 Important Features

With the wave of healthy living, everyone around them is obsessed with controlling their weights and figuring out diet plans with their gym routines. To acknowledge such diet and nutrition ideas, the digital world has also contributed in the form of a calorie counter app like Foodvisor. Nutrition tracker app is a perfect blend of technology and trend, so let’s have a look at 4 important features, which you as health expert and fitness startup owner should consider for your calorie counter app development.

#3 Don’t Overlook These 5 Features From Our Dating App Consultant Who Guided to Develop Over 40 Dating Apps

With legalization in the LGBT community, if you have decided to develop a gay dating app like Grindr, allowing people to find and connect with the right partner, then you will really benefit from this blog post. Herein we have curated a list of 5 features from the popular gay dating app named Grindr. We have written it with the guidance of our dating app consultant who has the experience of guiding over 40 dating apps. Ready to check out these 5 features to consider during gay dating app development? Let’s begin!

#4 Want to Make Online Shopping App Like Club Factory or Wish? 4 Lessons to Learn Before Investing in Shopping App Development

With the mobility infrastructure becoming cheaper, mobile phones have given the power to customers to shop from anywhere, anytime. Being in the E-commerce industry, it is essential for you to provide your customers with a systematic and user-friendly experience from ordering an item to dropping at their doorsteps. This is possible with the integration of an m-commerce app solution or we can say an online shopping app solution that makes it easier for customers to make orders, track whereabouts of products, online payments, and admin can manage the entire business. To invest in online shopping app development like Club factory, have a look at these 3 lessons of Club Factory app that raised $100M in funding.

#5 How Canva (Top Video and Photo Editing App) Valued at $3.2 Billion By Solving These 3 Problems

Are you a photography enthusiast? Whether you own a studio or you are someone with an idea of photo editing app development, this blog is a perfect read for you. You must have heard about the Canva – top photo editor app (recently valued at $3.2 Billion). We asked our photo and video app consultant on how this app has become the biggest player in the game. He told us about 3 problems with photo editing and how Canva overcame them. This will inspire you to make a photo editing app that can solve other problems related to photography and editing. Go ahead, take a look!

So how did you find these covered mobile app ideas? Interesting? We hope that you enjoyed reading our weekly roundup. These business app ideas must have helped you in picking one out of these or at least generated a vague app business idea in your head. Without thinking about the business scope, cost to develop an app, cross-verify your app idea with us.

We are a leading Android and iOS app development company and know how to convert your app idea into a successful app. In fact, our sales representative will give you an apt solution for your app development. The consultation is absolutely free.

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