17 Web Design Tutorials for Beginners to Expert Developers

Are you planning to build your career in web designing?


Then, you have landed on the right page. To succeed in web designing, it is crucial to acquire knowledge about the right resources. It includes everything from learning a programming language to selecting the right tutorials and courses.

If you plan to learn UI/UX design, front-end development, or video editing, signing up for the right web design tutorial is essential. But, it is vital to sign up for a course that brings value to your learning and helps you acquire knowledge.

This guide lists the best web designing courses thoroughly researched and suggested by our expert web designers for beginners and expert developers. So, let’s get started.

If you are a beginner, you must be wondering what the scope is after learning web designing.


A report generated by Kinsta mentions the average yearly salary of a web designer may start from around $57K. However, it depends upon your skills and experience when it comes to earning money.

Looking at this number, if you are curious to know the best courses for you to make your career in designing, then here are the tutorials that you can attend.

5 Free Web Design Tutorials for Beginners

PlatformCourseTime DurationWhat You Will Learn
Diploma in Web Design10-15 Hours
  • HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create intuitive web design
Web Development Roadmap5-6 Hours
  • Basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
Responsive Web Design300+ Hours
  • Build a cat photo app to learn HTML and CSS
  • With Flexbox, you will be able to build a Twitter card and complex blog layout
Learn Web Design Basics2.5 Hours
  • Master web design key skills
  • Code in HTML and CSS
  • Typography, Colors, and Background
Learn HTML9 Hours
  • HTML Introduction
  1. Alison – Diploma in Web Design

  2. Alison offers a Diploma in Web Design Tutorial to help you discover exciting tools to design interactive websites. If you plan to become a web developer or designer and have the urge to create stunning visuals and designs, you should surely start with this course.

    Alison - Dipoma in Web Design

    This free web designing course will teach you the core fundamentals of HTML and CSS to create beautiful websites.

    Whether you are in the web development field or a novice, this course will surely be helpful.

    Certification: You are eligible after obtaining an 80% score.

  3. W3Schools – Web Development Roadmap

  4. Web Development Roadmap includes step-by-step information on learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Each step comprises topic-wise lessons and an overview of what you will learn after completing the section.

    W3Schools - Web Development Roadmap

    After completing the basics, you will have enough ideas to design a basic website and how modern web design works. The tutorial contains hierarchy-wise information with images that allow you to absorb all the information quickly.

    Certification: No certification

  5. FreeCodeCamp – Responsive Web Design

  6. Started in October 2014, Freecodecamp has allowed millions of learners to gain knowledge of various programming languages.

    FreeCodeCamp - How to Learn Web Development in 2021

    Responsive Web Design course starts with basic HTML and CSS and ends by teaching you to build a blog layout with a CSS grid.

    Also, there is a free certification included in the course. Therefore, we recommend checking out this course as you will surely find value.

    Certification: On the course completion

  7. Envato tuts+ – Want to Learn the Web Design Basics? Start Here.

  8. If you are just starting in the web design field, you must learn how to create a web page in HTML. Additionally, learn CSS to create visual effects. In CSS, you will learn about typography, colors, backgrounds, and more.

    EnvatoTuts+ - Web Design Tutorials

    This web design tutorial will help you build a solid foundation in the subject of web designing. In addition, the easier explanation will make this course more engaging.

    Certification: No certification

  9. Codecademy – Introduction to HTML – Learn HTML

  10. Introduction to HTML is focused on delivering the live coding learning experience to students. Hence being a learner, you need to perform each task practically via a live coding dashboard as you learn about a new topic.

    1.5 Codecademy - Learn HTML

    Since coding is all about practice, the more you practice, the better you get in no time. So, ignite yourself and start learning the web designing basics with Codecademy.

    Certification: No certification

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5 Paid Web Design Tutorials for Beginners

Course NameCostTime DurationWhat You Will Learn
7 Days Free Trial $49/yr40 Hours
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • SVG Basics
  • Interaction and Animation with SVG
$112.49 / Lifetime Access11 Hours
  • Create any website layout
  • Animation and effect with CSS3
  • Responsive website design
$39/month5 Hours 38 Minutes
  • Responsive Design Basics
  • CSS float
  • Flexbox basics and implementation
  • CSS Grid Basics and Implementation
7 Days Free Trial $49/month6 months (3 hours a week)
  • Introduction to HTML5, CSS3
  • Interactivity with JavaScript
  • Advanced Styling and Responsive Design
1 Month Free Trial29 hours
  • Fundamentals of HTML and CSS
  • Use of Industry standard tools to create websites and applications

If you are a beginner and willing to spend some of your saving to educate yourself, then make sure to check these courses:

  1. TreeHouse: Web Design

  2. This 40 hours TreeHouse web design course is ideal for equipping you to learn the fundamentals of web design.

    TreeHouse Web Design

    You are surely going to learn how to build stunning websites using the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This course is perfect for you to start your web design career.

    This course is divided into different parts, and each part has a specific hour(s) mentioned in it so that you can schedule your time accordingly.

    Certification: No certification

  3. Udemy – Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSS

  4. Udemy’s 11-hour on-demand web design for beginners tutorial will ensure you learn the ins and outs of web design. Even for someone who is just starting as a web developer, this course can be beneficial.

    Udemy - Web Design for Beginners Real World Coding in HTML & CSS

    As you know, Udemy is well known for its inexpensive course fees in exchange for quality online courses, so it won’t disturb your monthly budget. So, enroll yourself and start learning about web design basics today.

    Certification: On the Course Completion

  5. FrontEnd Masters – CSS Grids/Flexbox Course

  6. FrontEnd Masters is a rock-solid platform for beginners to intermediate web designers to learn about responsive design basics, CSS float, and more. By signing up for this course, it will be easier for you to bridge the gap between a basic HTML to a fully functional prototype.

    Frontend Masters - CSS GridsFlexbox Course

    If you think you are ready to start learning from a world-class professional design educator, then you are just a click away from signup.

    Certification: No Certification

  7. Coursera – Web Design – Basics of Web Development and Coding Specialization

  8. Basics of web development and coding specialization from Coursera will introduce you to HTML5 and CSS3. Also, cover how to write JavaScript code with interactive web experiences.

    Coursera - Web Design - Basics of Web Development and Coding Specialization

    This course is divided into 5 courses. Each course contains a specific subject that will lead you toward its subsequent topic.

    The University of Michigan offers this course.

    Initially, Coursera allows you to enroll for free for 7 days then starts charging you for the course. If you plan to get a web designing certificate, you can’t go wrong with this web designing course.

    Certification: On the Completion of Project

  9. Lynda Learning – Become a Web Designer

  10. With Lynda Learning’s – become a web designer course, you can be assured to receive the quality teaching to become skilled in your profession. In addition, you will be able to create enticing websites and applications for mobile and desktop devices.

    LyndaLearning - Become a Web Designer

    Along with the web designing fundamentals, this course offers graphic design and basic UX tutorials as well.

    Certification: On the Course Completion

We have discussed almost all the courses that you, as a beginner, can attend. However, if you are an experienced designer, we have also listed some of the best web design tutorials to help you sharpen your skills.

4 Free Web Design Tutorials for Experts

Course NameTime DurationWhat You Will Learn
40 minutes
  • Design a basic app
  • Theme customization with CSS
  • Use variable fonts
56 minutes
  • Learn to design a landing page that converts
  • Copywriting skills
7 minutes
  • Create a wireframe
  • Create a landing page from scratch
  • Paper prototyping
25 minutes
  • How to design?
  • Fundamentals of creating engaging products
  1. EnvatoTuts+ – Introduction to Design Systems

  2. EnvatoTuts+ introduction to design systems course will help you to create an effective design system. The design system helps you and your team members to build products by following a set of components and principles.

    EnvatoTuts+ - Web Design Tutorials

    This course will introduce you to how to create a design system with practical examples. So, at the end of this course, you will know about creating a design system for you or your team.

    Certification: No Certification

  3. SkillShare – Web Design and Copywriting

  4. This unique combination of web design and the copywriting course will introduce you to designing and selling with effective writing.

    SkillShare - Web Design and Copywriting

    SkillShare is a great platform for everyone who is looking forward to learning something creative. Along with building great websites, the designer must learn how to develop engaging web pages.

    Web design and copywriting skills are essential, and this course will tell you exactly how you can combine both to make effective landing pages.

    Certification: No Certification

  5. Youtube – UX Design Process: How To Sketch Wireframes—Web Design Pt 1

  6. This UX design process tutorial surely brings value by teaching you stuff about wireframing a website and creating landing pages from scratch. Additionally, you can learn about UX design effectively.

    Before starting the tutorial, make sure to read the description to gain complete insight into the course.

    Certification: No Certification

  7. Alistapart – The illusion of Control in Web Design

  8. The illusion of control in web design tutorials is beneficial for the one who is willing to go beyond mundane learning. Aaron Gustafson explains the illusion of control in web design.

    How the designers think they are in control of their design, but the reality is something else.

    It is a definite read for web designers to understand the core part of designing.

    Certification: No Certification

3 Paid Web Design Tutorials for Experts

Course NameCostTime DurationWhat you will learnReviews
FrontMasters – Design for Developers$39/month4 Hours 20 Mins
  • Layouts
  • CSS Layouts
  • Color Theory
  • Typography
  • Images and Performance
PluralSight – Responsive Web Design10 Days free trial $29/month4 Hours 3 Mins
  • Responsive Web Design
  • RWD Process
  • Applying RWD Styles Effectively
4.5 Reviews
Udemy – The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp116$/Lifetime Access34 Hours
  • Develop real applications
  • Responsive applications with modern CSS
4.4 Reviews
  1. Frontend Masters – Design for Developers

  2. Design for developers will help you to become self-sufficient, from designing a concept to implementing it. You will learn to create beautiful and complex front-end web designs after completing this course.

    Frontend Masters - CSS GridsFlexbox Course

    You can select the monthly or yearly time duration as per your preference and start exploring.

    Certification: No certification

  3. Pluralsight – Responsive Web Design

  4. Responsive web design tutorials focus on how to develop responsive websites effectively. After finishing this course, you will be able to design websites for a mobile device to 60” HDTV sets.

    Pluralsight - Responsive Web Design

    Certification: No Certification

  5. Udemy – The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp

  6. From web developers to designers, this advanced web developer’s Bootcamp will surely help you to develop powerful websites. After acquiring the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, you can start these web development tutorials.

    Udemy - Web Design for Beginners Real World Coding in HTML & CSS

    You will learn about the latest industry-standard tools and technologies to build the best website for business.

    Certification: On the Course Completion

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FAQs About Web Design Tutorial

How do I learn web designing fast?

To learn web designing fast, start your own blog website. Experiment with typography, fonts, colors, and layout. Strive to make your blog as stunning as possible. Watch tutorials and read everything about design and development.

How can I become a web designer without coding?

It is crucial to learn to code, even if you are in the field of web designing. Initially, you can start learning web designing using WordPress or Web-flow.

What is the best web design tutorial?

Our designers suggest starting with Freecodecamp – a responsive web design course. This course contains valuable information and practices to help you design amazing websites.

Ready to Learn Everything About Web Design?

All of these above-mentioned courses are selected and suggested by our expert web designers. These courses will help newbies to expert designers to learn a lot of helpful information about designing.

Don’t just learn about web designing; practice it every day to sharpen your skills. If you need any web design-related help in your project, feel free to consult one of our expert web designers at Space-O.

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