Weather App Development: Check Out These 3 Powerful Solutions By Dark Sky Weather (Top Ranking Weather App) That Startups Need to Consider


This blog comprises information for startups and the entrepreneurs. Herein rounded up 3 powerful solutions by Dark Sky Weather app, which you can consider during weather app development.

Weather apps free are not only meant for forecasting. But, these apps have comprised a lot of critical app features, which make them stand out. At Space-O Technologies, we receive a lot of inquiries to develop native weather app on various platforms like iOS, Android and WatchOS, so to fulfill the clients’ requirements, we need to update ourselves with the current trends and technologies.

Recently, we came across one news regarding the top ranking weather app i.e. Dark Sky Weather.

This weather app has become the most popular weather applications on the market. According to the report from TechCrunch, “Dark Sky’s top ranking weather app has got the major visual-focused upgrade.”


Dark Sky Weather App

One of the biggest changes that can be seen is the introduction of a new unified timeline, which combines both the precipitation predictions. The Dark Sky, perfect weather app, is the best known for its weather forecast all in one page. That makes it easier to view all the critical weather information in only single view, without any need of having to tab around to a number of different pages.

Founded in 2012, the U.S. based Dark is one of the best weather apps that has already managed as the top ranking weather app, and it is famous due to its dazzling graphics and hyper-specific forecasts.


One of the unique things about the Dark Sky app is that it will let its app users know when it will rain, rather than the probability of precipitation. The app is available in the U.S., U.K, and Ireland.

Some Growth Insights of Dark Sky Weather App

  • Dark Sky app specializes in weather forecasting and visualization. According to the report from Similar Web, Dark Sky Weather app has ranked #1 in the Apple App Store. This is what you can see in the image.


  • Talking about its ranking on Google Play, its Google Play rank and Usage ranks are #17 and #31 respectively.


  • Moving ahead and let us check out what App Annie’s data says about the Dark Sky Weather app. According to App Annie’s report, this weather app ranks #1 in the weather category and overall ranks between 7 to 12. This is what you can see in the image.

3 Powerful Solutions That Startups Can Consider Before Developing a Successful Weather App like Dark Sky

Dark Sky Weather app uses the latest technology that helps to predict when it will snowfall or rain. Well, the popular weather app does not only provide forecasting but offers beautiful weather visualizations for their app users.

1. Realized The Pain Points of Users

Before creating a popular weather app like Dark Sky Weather, you need to be very specific about providing solutions to your app users, which can add values into their lives. When users use the weather app, then he/she must rely on the information provided by the weather app. The app must be informative and accurate. There are several other weather apps, which may or may not provide weather forecast information.


Image Source: Dark Sky Weather

You need to create weather app on which users can rely on, for instance, to get precise estimates of rain or snow start and stop times. When it comes to saved locations feature, which is more than a solution for app users. As it will show your users “interesting storms” from around the country. Plus, this solution could be very helpful if app user is checking in on friends or families in the path of major storm or hurricane.

With the lack of saved locations in Weather apps, Dark Sky Weather has realized this problem and provided the solution for the same. Now, users can browse by swiping the forecast left or right.
Furthermore, there is an advanced search option for weather nerds, who want to search weather forecast in the multiple cities. So, you as a startup can also take care of this advanced feature during weather app development.

2. Improved Set of Features & Customized Notifications

One of the popular weather apps, Dark Sky Weather, has come up with the improved set of features and customized notifications, allowing users to toggle on or off things such as:

  • Next Hour Precipitation
  • Daily Summary
  • Umbrella Reminders
  • Sunscreen Reminder
  • Severe Weather Alerts


You can also consider the customized notifications, which are based on other conditions like UV index forecasts. Being a weather-related startup, if you are planning to create weather apps like Dry Sky, then you need to be very careful about opting for unique features, including forecast, rain notifications and alerts, temperature, and widgets.

There is a precipitation map for the next hour’s weather condition, plus a feature on the main timeline, which allows users to toggle between wind speed, UV levels and granular information that users may need. In addition, users can also save locations in order to check the weather in multiple cities.

3. Real Solutions for True Weather Nerds

With multiple tabs for current weather condition, forecast, the next hour rain, snow or storm forecast and next 24 hours or weekly forecast, users usually find it hard to check with the multiple tabs in the weather app.

However, Dry Sky Weather app has understood the needs of weather nerds and given solutions for the same. As the weather app has included diverse options of forecasting into one scroll or we can say that it changed into the scrollable view, which allows app users to quickly get to the part of the forecast on which they care about.


Talking about the “Time Machine” feature of the Dry Sky Weather app, it is all about to explore the weather conditions from the past or future by just putting the date and time. And, it will show users the weather going back decades. It also provides seasonal average weather for days beyond the next week. This solution, in terms of feature, will help users to plan the trips or vacations.

So, being a startup, all you just need to consider such solution before developing a successful weather app like Dry Sky.


You have just gone through with the powerful solutions by Dry Sky Weather app. Undeniably, this popular weather app has offered a lot of solutions, which can add value to app users’ lives.

So, if you also have an app idea on weather app that can be a successful weather app like Dark Sky Weather app, then, you can cross-verify it with us as we are a leading iOS app development company and have already developed over 3500 mobile applications with diverse features and functionalities, including Maps, In-app notifications, Visual Calendar, Social Media Integration, GPS, Cross-platform ability, and Multi-lingual support.

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