3 Essential Ingredients of Weather Up App That Can’t Be Missed During Weather App Development


This blog includes information for tech startups and entrepreneurs. To create a successful & the most popular weather forecast app, we’ve compiled essential ingredients, which can be missed. Let’s check out what are those?

Weather applications are pretty committed to giving an accurate weather forecast. That’s why people’s interest is more inclined to install the most accurate weather apps for Android and iOS. Meanwhile, we came across the latest statistics of market reach of top mobile app categories as of July 2018.

According to the report from Statista, the news and weather app category are in the list of the market reach of the most popular app categories in the U.S., and it was found that weather apps had 86.5% mobile reach among online users in the United States. This is what you can see in this image.


You may have heard about the best weather apps named AccuWeather, Dark Sky, and NOAA, which have already performed well on the App Stores. However, here, we are introducing another popular weather app, known as Weather Up, which is already performing well on iOS due to its substantial-looking graphics. Let’s us quickly know more about Weather Up app.

Weather Up: App for Weather Forecast

The weather app, Weather Up, has a core feature that is obviously weather forecast like any other weather apps. However, additionally, this weather app shows humidity, warns about weather events such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, tropical tracks, and tornadoes.


This weather app helps users plan their outdoor activities like the kids’ soccer games & outdoor concerts. And, it also lets users plan for the events they are supposed to walk to or drive to. Furthermore, Weather Up allows users to keep tabs on the weather for upcoming calendar events on the basis of an hourly and 10-day forecast.

Weather Up app is not at all new. Initially, it began as Weather Atlas. After upgradations, this app is back as Weather Up. Talking about its performance on the Apple App Store, as per the report from Similar Web, the current Apple App Store rank is #30, however, the graph is going to upward.


Well, if you as a tech startup are interested to dive into the weather app category, scroll down essential ingredients from Weather Up, which can’t be missed while developing a successful app for the forecast.

3 Important Ingredients from Weather Up to Consider During Weather App Development

Ingredient #1: Focus on Interface and Personalization

One of the main things, which stand out Weather Up from other weather apps is its interface and customization. If you are planning to create weather app like Weather Up, make sure that the interface must be exactly what users do like it. To stand apart from your rivals, it is important to focus on the interface of the app.


The first thing your app users do notice is that how simple the interface is. The importance of the UI (User Interface) of the mobile app is that it makes users interact easily with your mobile application. So, one important ingredient, which you can’t miss is that user interface that plays an important role in order to decide the success of your weather forecast app. In a nutshell, UI (User Experience) and personalization decide overall experience of the app users to provide the maximum customer satisfaction.

Ingredient #2: Less is Still More

Considering unique weather app features is important more than anything. However, this is the best way to engage your customers’ attention. The less-is-more attitude helps you to make most of your app and achieve deeper sense of purpose. App users are more inclined to those mobile applications, which have a clean design.


Image Source: designoholic

With the attitude ‘less is more’, you can achieve more and it provides ways to get more by putting minimal. All top of it, you need to consider the phrase of less is more to avoid the pitfalls.

Ingredient #3: Give a Thought to a Set of Basic Yet Important App Features

Apart from providing powerful solutions in the apps for weather forecast, it is important not to neglect the set of basic app features without abandoning the attitude of ‘less is still more’. If you have ever thought of creating the most accurate weather app like Weather Up, then you need to consider the following app features:

  • Smart Notifications
  • Reminders for umbrella and sunscreen according to next hour weather condition
  • Severe Weather Alerts
  • The hyper-local forecast predicts rain, storm, and weather changes
  • Allows to make easier to view all the critical weather information
  • Allows users to check the weather going back decades
  • Lets users to manage locations from the search screen


If you are all ready for developing mobile app in the weather category, then make sure to consider these important ingredients for building the most accurate weather forecast app.

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