4 Simple Ways How Travel Apps Can Grow Your Travel & Tourism Business

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The travel and accommodation market is expected to reach $171billion by 2023, which means there is a lot of room for apps like Airbnb, Uber for logistics, and gig economy app for professional services. If you are having an app idea in the form of Airbnb alternative or a travel app development idea from bookings to logistics, in short, all in one travel solution, we have curated 4 ways that can increase your travel business’s popularity and user engagement. These ways will bring you organic traffic which in return adds up as online goodwill and revenue.

When we think of an app idea for the travel and accommodation industry, the first thing that comes in our minds is Airbnb and apps like Airbnb. With the success of the accommodation app, people are adhering to the gig economy trend of ‘Airbnbs.’ 

Smartphones have changed the way people travel. With one single click, a user is able to make an unpleasant flying experience much smoother. It becomes a tour guide around a new city, and of course, finds a place to sleep. 

Currently, the vacation home rental industry is flourishing, it has taken over the world with its online revenue generation. According to statista, the global revenue of the total online travel booking segment is expected to grow to $288 billion by 2021. The study has taken into consideration three major categories: hotels, vacation rentals, and package holidays. It has excluded price comparison and recommendation websites without a check-out process and offline travel booking by telephone or at a travel agent’s office.

Before getting into the ways of expanding your travel app, let’s have a closer look at the market size and its future prospects.

Global Market Size of Airbnb Alternatives

  • The sharing of private residences through predominant Airbnb-like apps has noticed global presence. The total value of the global sharing economy is predicted to increase to some 335billion U.S. dollars by 2025 from only 15billion U.S. dollars in 2014. Such significant growth shows the interest of people is growing more towards homeaway Airbnb accommodations.

sharing economy worldwide

  • There are over 6,50,000 hosts worldwide and over 1.9million listing is instantly bookable through the accommodation apps like Airbnb.
  • On any given night, there are over 2 million people staying in Airbnb rentals across the world.
  • If you are planning to develop alternatives to Airbnb, here are the interesting regions worldwide to expand your online business effectively with organic user engagement. Canada, Australia, United States, United Kingdom are ranking the charts when it comes to using a travel app.

travel app development

Now, before doing any further due, let’s dive into the ways in which you can expand your travel business through a travel application like Airbnb.

4 Simple Ways to Grow Your Travel Business Through Travel App Development 

#1 In-app taxi bookings and auto music sync 

Being in the travel business, you need to provide services like Airbnb with the utmost convenience at their disposal. Instead of downloading three different apps like one for taxi, one for music, one for accommodation, you can provide online users with a solution having all these facilities.

Online users stay for a short while in a particular app. You need to form a combination of experience and price to maintain a loyal consumer base. For a better business opportunity, you can enter into a partnership with budding fleet management startups and form an app like Uber for taxi bookings. Make this taxi service your unique selling point (USP) and also integrate a popular music app like Spotify. Allow users to sync their playlist via your travel application so that they can enjoy their cozy room parties while vacationing. 

Such collaboration will increase revenue generation on partnership or percentage basis. This also widens the scope of your business and creates your own niche compared to other travel apps in the genre. 

#2 Extend the retail experience using the accommodation app

When we visit someone else’s house, we usually tend to like wall art, the color of the room, a particular decorative piece in the room, what if you allow your users to buy that item from your travel app? Your app can be an ecommerce platform.

Provide your users with a shoppable experience. For example, if they like a sofa or a piece of art in the place, in which they are staying, you can allow them to order it for their own home. Provide them with a minimal delivery charge and an instant last-mile delivery at their doorsteps.

You can give a whole new traveling experience by integrating such a shopping feature while developing an app like Airbnb. Now, if you are thinking or looking to hire mobile app development team for your app like Airbnb revolution, you can discuss it with us.

We at Space-O Technologies are contributing to such a growing house renting space genre. It has not been even 5 years of apartment rental service Airbnb, and it has become a billion-dollar business. Have a look at one of our top Airbnb like apps named Nuzah. It is like an Airbnb clone app and focuses mainly on chalet bookings. The most unique feature of this app is the 360° VR tour. Most hotel booking apps show a glimpse of the hotel rooms and sometimes lobby. We took this a notch up. How? Well, our developers have integrated a feature that allows the guests to have a virtual tour of the property before they book a chalet. This makes this app one of a kind.

travel app development

Image Credit: Nuzah

People are not going to stop traveling and exploring new places. The tourism industry is growing and so is your travel and accommodation business. If you are planning to invest in the app development world, you will surely get fast returns as it is a unique marketing tactic to reach your desired audience and revenue.

#3 List of properties including different perks

To be among the best travel apps, you need to provide a variety of properties. Listing of properties should be accurately filtered with a proper ‘search filter.’ You should invest in properties that can have a space for whole foods at the ground level and a gym. Tenements, twin bungalows, apartments, sharing apartments are some of the other listing options.

Make sure you make use of virtual technology so that the users can have a look at the property without visiting one. It will be a convenient way in which people can look at their holiday homes without leaving their offices, couch, or any daily chores.

#4 24/7 guest support (Gig economy trend)

Gig economy trends are ruling the world, by giving new job opportunities to Gen Z. You can take advantage of such an economic trend. Hire people who are interested in working for freelance or part-time working hours. Get a house help at a cheaper price for your travel app development.

Your travel mobile app will be a platform for Uber for house cleaning or Uber for maids. And your online users will be satisfied when they will be able to choose their professional services at their scheduled time. 

Have You Decided to Invest in Travel App Development?

After going through these 4 ways, you must be having other features and functionalities to include in your Airbnb like app idea. Being a native app development company for a decade now, we know the best design and development ideas to make your idea look more elaborate and easy navigation for users.

Discuss your travel app development idea with us and cross-verify the market scope beforehand. Thus, if you have any queries related to travel app development cost, Airbnb alternative features, how to design and develop travel apps, build iOS app or Android App for app like Airbnb, then fill up our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you with an apt mobility solution. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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