Why Wallpaper App like Unsplash Earns 10k+ Downloads on Play Store?

how to get more downloads for your mobile app

So you’re planning to launch a mobile app soon.

A clean, neat, and simple mobile app.

Now you’re thinking will your audience like it or not?

Will it receive a great response or not?

And most importantly, will it get the great amount of app store download or not?

Well, the unfortunate reality is, most popular apps either on Apple store or Android Play store don’t really take off.


Because the competition is tough. There are millions of apps out there in the market. And, most mobile app developers don’t drive the app marketing engine after developing mobile apps of theirs.

In simple words, your app has to be great in navigation & have a user-friendly experience, even though it has simple features.

Take Mysplash for an example

unsplash data

Take a look at its installs.

Yes, 10k-50k.

It is a simple mobile wallpaper app, powered by Unsplash that allows its users to download high-resolution pictures for free.

Now the idea behind Mysplash is to offer high resolution and great photographs from Unsplash through an Android app for free.

develop wallpaper app like Unsplash

They found a problem that it was hard to find high-resolution photographs on the internet for free. People had to go through different websites to find & use them for free. Mysplash brought the high-resolution photographs in one place by creating an Android app.

I know it’s a simple app, yet it’s been downloaded for more than 10k. In fact, it’s quite a time-saver for people who seek free high-resolution images. The Unsplash is licensed under Creative commons zero which means you can copy, distribute, and use all its photos for free.

This is How You Can Get 10k+ Downloads

Well, it all starts with the mobile app itself. There is basically two kind of apps in the app store. One is that offers a kind of value to the end users. The second is that serves fascination for the short time.

First of all, you need to research about your app idea.

Find out whether anyone has already implemented your idea or not?

If so, ask yourself that can you develop it in better & simpler way?

Second, your app has to have a great user experience. It matters a lot. It’s because whenever users download any app, they seek for a simple solution for their problem. A simple app design with quick navigation can compel users to continue using your app. So if your app cannot entice anyone through your app design & a simple solution for a particular problem, then it won’t be beneficial for you as well. But, if you make the app design & navigation simple, then your app audience will be more likely to use your app again.

Bottom line is, if you’re still in learning phase to design UI/UX of your app, it’s better that you hire Android app developer to do that part for you. I know it might cost a bit, but if you want to see a good amount of mobile app downloads for your app and if you’re not a good designer/developer, then let the professionals do the job.

Importance of Your Competitors

In fact, don’t miss to read reviews on your competitor apps on App Stores. They will help in a great way for finding the problem that audience is facing. And you’ll have a clear idea about what the audience is actually seeking. Note down all the negative reviews, comments, and feedback. Layout a strategic app plan keeping in mind all these points, and then start developing it!


Always focus on solving your audience problem. Offer the right & easy solution by understanding your audience’s problems. Conduct an in-depth research first before proceeding to create an app. Take each and every small point into consideration that the audience is looking for, develop your app accordingly, and witness your app downloads touch the new level of heights!

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