Virtual Makeup App Development: 3 Points to Consider Before Developing an App like YouCam Makeup

This blog embraces information for beauty startups and entrepreneurs. Curated a few important points from YouCam Makeup, which you can consider during virtual makeup app development.

As we have been moving forward to the digital era, everything is going digital. Now, the virtual makeup app is a thing. With the use of virtual makeup, the app user can accentuate features on her face and show perfections by highlighting and contouring.

However, there is an app, which is based on real-time makeover named YouCam Makeup app that provides users with diverse kinds of procedures in order to enhance their appearance to be attractive and beautiful.

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Also, we came across the latest news from TechCrunch, YouCam Makeup app gave their smartphone users their first taste of augmented selfies. Ever since, YouCam Makeup learning app has expanded beyond selfies into e-commerce and retails along with the tools for over 200 beauty brands and retailers, including L’Oréal, Estée Lauder, and Cosmopolitan and Target.


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YouCam Makeup App

Launched in 2014, the company behind YouCam Makeup app is Perfect Corp., which is based in San Francisco Bay Area. YouCam Makeup, the virtual makeup app, lets users discover the right color palette for their skin tones. Things are not ended here. It also lets its users start taking care of their skin, hair, appearances, and lead to great looks.


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As per the report from Crunchbase, “YouCam Makeup app voted as the Best Fashion & Apparel App of 2015.” Moreover, the achievements have not been finished yet. According to another report, “YouCam Makeup was the winner of the 2015 Appy Award of Best Fashion & Apparels App.”

With over 700 million downloads and total of 60 million monthly active users, the Google Play rank of YouCam Makeup app is #25, according to the report from SimilarWeb.


Furthermore, as per the Apple App Store, currently, the rank of YouCam Makeup is #75.

As a beauty tech startup, if you are all set to develop an app like YouCam Makeup, then you need to check out the following points, which you can consider during photo editing app development.

3 Points to Consider Before Developing an App like YouCam Makeup

  1. Using Technology to Help Beauty Customers to Solve Their Pain Points

    Apart from selfies, the virtual beauty makeup app like YouCam Makeup has expanded its horizon and experimented into e-commerce and retailers. YouCam Makeup has analyzed the pain points of its customers. For beauty customers, it allows its app users to try with different makeup looks and portrait-editing tools. AI-based augmented reality tools recommend foundation, makeup and hair products with a solid rate of accuracy and realism.


    An app like YouCam Makeup Makeover allows users to see how a virtual makeup or hairstyle will look on them. Also, they can see themselves from different angles as they move their heads. The best makeover app works on algorithms for a wide range of face shapes and skin tones. This is what consumers demand nowadays. And, it allows users to expect more diversity from beauty brands.

  2. Virtual Makeovers in Real-time

    The next important feature to consider is – virtual makeovers in real-time that is a new thing in the market. With this technology, you can encourage your beauty customers to try new looks in real-time through a virtual makeup app. As a beauty tech startup, all you just need to provide is tools for virtual makeup and hairstyles in real-time.


    Image Source: YouCam

    The thing that makes your virtual makeup app set apart is to allow your beauty customers to adjust different colors. So that users have a more accurate idea of how it will appear on their skin. Applying the same colors to every user with different skin tones will not work for your app. With a virtual makeup app like YouCam Make-up, users can experiment with different makeup looks and portrait-editing tools.

  3. Provide a Wide Variety of Options That Set Apart

    The next important point, which you as a tech startup need to consider is to provide your users with a variety of options on one platform, an app that does your makeup. Before developing an app like YouCam Makeup, you can pick a wide range of things from the app. This app for makeup provides enormous unique things that set it apart. For instance, it allows users to check their skin analysis to get a clearer complexion with an instant skin analysis.


    Image Source: YouCam

    YouCam Makeup app does not only enhance users looks by applying a wide range of filters, but it also proffers ways to analyze its skin health. Likewise, you can provide a number of ways, offering options where beauty customers have more idea about their skin, skin tones, and hair colors. Plus, you can also allow your customers to try 3D accessories in real-time to set your app apart from other virtual makeup apps. Through this beauty makeup app, many users can get to learn new things about their facial skin health and can improve them in time.

Final Thoughts

Well, YouCam Makeup shows no signs of slowing down. To conclude this, all we can say that virtual makeup apps are going to rule the industry due to their flawless features and solutions to the pain points of beauty consumers. So, being a tech startup or entrepreneur, if you want to dive into this makeup app niche, then you can hire a professional full stack developer to know more about the technical specifications and requirements.

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