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Last Updated on 24th May 2018

In my vacant and pensive mood, lying on my couch, I was flipping through my old photos, I was all blushing to see my childhood photos, which brought back so many cheerful memories…

It was the age, where we used to line up or beg others to take our photos, but does that trend still continues now?

What I can see is less of manual album and more of software album, which is an instant or trendier to be called as ‘Selfie’. Taking snapshot of ourselves, usually by ourselves, has become a viral pursuit. The survey carried out by The Daily Mail, Britons post around 35 million Selfies a month!

Did you know when the first Selfie was taken?

Scratch your mind a bit and rewind your history back…

Robert Cornelius, an American pioneer created a daguerreotype of himself in 1839.

The evolution of smartphones, forward facing camera, that directly faces the smartphone user, has encouraged the growth of Selfie culture. The user can take spur-of-the-moment captions, and instantly share in social network sites.

Selfie popularity in social media is astounding, Instagram has more than 53 million photos tagged with the hashtag #selfie. In Facebook the status updates over 368,000 times during a week in 2013 October. Twitter, the hashtag #selfie was used more than 150,000 tweets.

Do you think this trend of #Selfie picture will continue for long?

If YES, you are partially right, the trend of selfie will continue but in a different mode.

Guess what it can be?

…rightly said, its going to be Video world, world of video Selfie.

Source: Daniel Lau

The future world is going to be “Video Selfie”, where the user will have more fun with live action videos of themselves that can be sent across to their family & friends in jiff of a seconds and have fun.

Currently, Douyin, the most popular Chinese mini-music-video social network app, has become the most downloaded iOS app in the first quarter of 2018, according to a new report from US research firm Sensor Tower. The app took over the top spot from Facebook’s WhatsApp, with more than 45 million downloads worldwide during the three-month period.

Always think out of the box to create something unique, as only a few startups touch the sky / reach the millions way. This is the right time to get a trend setting app like Unda video selfie or Douyin mini-music-video app.

Let’s look at the insight of Video Selfie App like Unda

  • With changing trend Selfie Video App will help user to use their photo to shoot the video using front facing camera and record it.
  • The app consists of a feed of short videos from yourself and the people you have chosen to follow. The videos are represented by still images that come to life when you tap them.
  • User are always on-lookout for new gizmo, they want to fiddle with them and connect with their friends in unique way, especially the youngsters.
  • With Unda like Video Selfie App, can create amazing video message using unique Video Camera, meetup new friends across the globe or go for video chat.
  • User want a complete product now in single mode like music, video,GIF and friends, that give them lot of fun and sharing makes easy
  • Embellish your video, sing along and do variety of interesting things like mixing the trending GIF with your favorite song and add to your face.
  • Whether you want to send your cool video message to private, public, camera, is up to you,

The cultural mania for selfies will only grow deeper. It’s the beginning of something that’s going to continue into the future. As things evolve and change for better, it’s right time for Selfie’s to take on the selfie.

With trend of Selfie’s, Video Selfie Apps can fetch you lot of dollars if you get it right. Space-O having hand-on expertise developers with similar kind of video apps, can only make your ideas convert into potential way. Why can’t you take this opportunity to get a free quote, or email us, we will be more than happy to serve you with app ideas.


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