How New Video Feature in Mobile App brings Facebook closer to a knock-down, with YouTube?


Youtube has become the go-to platform for video streaming and that is a well-established fact, which anyone could accept without a question. However, is that universal truth now going to change?

Facebook has marked videos and the experience it provides to be a prime focus in their plan to come. This has been illustrated by Facebook, by launching the video-centric features. Even as currently the new feature had been launched, as a part of which, videos would automatically start playing as the user swipes through the News Feed.

In the last month or so alone, Facebook launched the 360-degree video and the ability for people to have profile video. Facebook’s 360-degree videos currently work on the web and on Android devices; the company said it anticipates rolling out support for Apple iOS in the coming months. It is becoming very well visible that Facebook has been targeting video-related features and that somehow, in a very small time, Facebook has also become one of the biggest competitors of Youtube. It seems like the battle to win the best online video streaming app has begun. The real question is, how threatened and concerned should Youtube be?

Comparing the Eagles and Pigeons

At the end of the day, it is always important to know that a pigeon is different and separate from an eagle and that comparing the two of them is almost useless. In the same way, it is very difficult to bring out a common standard of judgment to compare Youtube and Facebook. In this case, the difficulty is that both of these serve a different set of users and provide the distinctive user experience.

While, on one hand, Facebook is a social networking site, which allows people to catch up and connect with other people, on the other hand, Youtube purely focuses on providing the best possible videos (for sharing and viewing) based on the search made by the user’s. On the basis of this observation, it can be said that comparing Youtube and Facebook can be a complete waste of time or can open up entirely different sets of possibilities.

Why mobile app would be the target platform for both industry giants?

People generally use Facebook to try and be a part of the World that constantly keeps on spurring new incidents and highlights. Reading articles, blogs and posts shared on their walls is a major part of what facebook means to people. Other major activities also include watching images and videos that are shared by their friends or by the links they have liked.

Talking of videos per se, Facebook has more than 1.5 billion people who watch a minimum of 4 billion videos every day. Attempting to connect one billion people through a single mobile app is no joke. However, the way in which the demand for mobile apps have increased, and so has its responsibilities.

While a few years ago, a comparison between the web apps and mobile apps was possible, now it isn’t. Very clearly the Mobile apps’ side of the weight is heavier. Facebook has made the mobile app that makes sure that every bit of its services is made available on the go. Everyone, who had joined the platform got a chance to be connected to facebook every second, wherever they are and whenever they want.

Facebook Eats YouTube, Digest Videos & Users

Do you know Facebook hits 100M Hours of Video Watched a Day?

According to Mark Zuckerberg’s Q4 earnings, everything at Facebook seems to be growing gradually. Facebook reach to 1 billion monthly users from 925 million on Groups at the close of Q3. Facebook’s stripped down app, Facebook Lite is used by 80 million people for developing world’s slow connections, up from 50 million.

There are 2.5 million advertisers and 50 million small businesses on Pages up of Facebook from 45 million last quarter.

Facebook provides a serious competitor to YouTube for video viewing. Facebook builds many different ways to attract more users and provides different ways to share than just the News Feed. Moreover, it solidifies itself to invite people for events or conference. Everything comes with monetization opportunities, whether it is video ads, slideshow, commercial ads, event ads or anything.

So, if you are thinking to earn like Facebook, then it would be great to promote your business through Facebook or have an app that has features like Facebook. We have developed a social-cum-business application named Tuloko that connects people to their local community through messenger service to chat on events, business, etc. It also helps in searching, reviewing and rating events and businesses that targeted to the black community.

The Future of Video

Most recently, Google teamed with NBC on a 360-degree video promoting this week’s premiere of “Heroes Reborn,” featuring YouTube star Zach King.

Taking inspiration from that technology, Facebook took a step forward towards the 3600 video concept. Using this feature one can attempt to see any side (amongst the 4) of the object that is in the central view. Making this virtual reality sort of experience better, Facebook has introduced the new pop-out feature, to see the entire screen moving in the direction you want it to, without any distractions.

Again, Facebook will soon begin to beta-test a new video filters, including Fullscreen, ZEFR and Jukin Media, to prevent the unauthorized redistribution of videos on the platform.

That’s not the everything…What type of video app/features we developed?

While, to you, Facebook and YouTube might have brought forth everything that the video world has to offer, we got something special and better. Ever felt the confusion between trying to share an image or a video? Or have you ever wanted to share an image with a video but were unable to do so?

With Vidgrid, you won’t stay in a dilemma. Using this innovative app, one can create a collage of pictures and videos alike, allowing the receiver to enjoy the best of both worlds.

With Facebook launching one video feature after another, should Youtube be threatened? Or should they both rule their own kingdom, without meddling in each other’s businesses. What will this innovative trip on video features bring to us? Will Virtual Reality’s rules inspire the video world enough to change it? These are the questions that will soon present to us the future of videos to come.


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