Have a Video Editing App Idea? Check These 6 Powerful Features of The Best Video Editing App Development

This blog is designed to help tech startups & entrepreneurs. Herein we’ve rounded up a few powerful features of the best video editing apps to check while developing apps for edit videos. Let’s discuss them.

The ‘video editing’ is something, which can be done by anyone in recent times. Since the advancement of technology, DIY video editing can be easily performed by anyone. On account of this, video editing apps provide a few useful and unique features to make professional videos. Such apps do not only allow users to make professional videos, but they can even shoot 4K i.e. 4000 pixels videos as well.

Being a startup or an entrepreneur, whether you are planning to create an app for editing videos or making photo videos, herein we have curated a few powerful features of the best video editing apps like Magisto, Videoshop, Splice, Cameo, iMovie, and Quick.

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Check Out 6 Powerful Features of The Best Video Editing Applications

  1. Allows to Make Professional Videos

    To create next viral video editing apps like Magisto or Splice, the most important feature is to allow users to make professional videos or transform photos into video clips. While developing video editing app like Magisto, you can consider a feature of enabling your app users to make their own videos without taking any professional help. Plus, your users can capture moments and live views, which attracts them the most.

    Photo Video Editor App Development

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    All you just need to create such apps, which make things easier for your users who want to follow their passion in the niche of photo and video. So, if you are all set to develop an app to make video edits, then don’t miss to integrate this app feature to grab more video lovers.

  2. Add Effects, Music, Soundtracks & Themes

    The next key aspect of video editing app is to allow your app users to add the effects to make the interactive videos. All you just need to consider a number of effects to develop the best video editing app for your users, where they can easily make eye-catching videos.

    To make the interactive videos, allow them to add music and their favorite soundtracks to make their videos the way they want. You also need to make sure that you would not include a number of effects and filters as these things can irritate your users.

    Movie Maker App Development

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    Apart from a number of themes, if users do not have video clips on their phones, then you can consider features, which help them to create collage or slideshow with music, which feels like a movie with using only photos.

  3. Trim, Crop and Controls of Audios & Hues

    After considering filters and themes feature, the next important feature is to include trim and crop feature to enhance the video as per the users’ choice. To make video editing app like Quik, you need to allow your users to easily reorder, zoom, rotate photos, and video clips.

    Create Video Editing App

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    You can also allow your users to choose from a number of themes, where users can design their videos as per their requirements according to their moments and occasions. In addition, they can adjust the fonts, filters, and graphics as what fits best into their style.

  4. Save & Share Videos

    After adding effects and their favorite music tracks, now, it is time to save all the videos in the video editing app. The “save” feature is quite common yet essential to consider during photo and video editing app development. Talking about the next essential feature is to allow your users to share their edited video clips over social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. Also, they can share their videos or clips via email or text message.

    Photo Video Editing App

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    The takeaway is – if you give more options to your users, then they can do much more with your video editing app. So, allow them to share the link of video created with their friends.

  5. Push Notifications

    The basic motive behind ‘push notifications’ feature is to notify users’ and show it on their home screen. Such notifications come from your photo video app, which usually displays on app users’ home screens.

    Develop Video Editing App

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    By considering this feature, you can make your users informed regarding new updates, and they can be connected with your services. If you have ever wanted to develop a video editing app, just make sure to include this feature because it can make you connect with your users and vice versa.

  6. Allows to Change Video Quality & Mixing Videos

    When developing video editor apps like Clips, Cameo or Splice, you need to keep one thing in your mind is to give your users convenience along with the quality. So, the next essential feature is to allow them to mix two videos in order to allow them to take their creativity to the next level.

    Video Editor App Development

    On the other hand, allowing your users to change the video quality as per their choices, including SD (Standard Definition) or HD (High Definition). The video editing app allows users to switch the mode of video qualities as per their convenience. To deliver the outstanding video experience, just allow them to watch in Ultra HD or 4K quality.


As you have just gone through a few powerful features which we’ve curated from the best video editing apps. You can also consider features of Snapchat app while developing photo and video messaging app, which can create value and help them to attract customers. So, if you’re having any video editing app idea, then you can cross-verify it with companies that develop apps. And, we’ve already developed over 50 video and photo editing apps along with unique features and functionalities that we’ve already explained in our blog post.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion like –

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