Airbnb Alternatives: 3 Important Lessons Learned from HomeAway (Vacation Rentals App)

This post includes information for vacation rentals startups & entrepreneurs. Curated a few important lessons from HomeAway, which you can consider during vacation rentals app development.

You must remember the movie “Holiday” in which Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet, two strangers, swap their homes from different continents. Well, this concept of swapping homes has emerged when people want to take a break from their mundane lives. And, vacation rentals have given a completely new way of vacation.

Currently, the vacation home rentals industry has grown into the full-fledged industry. In 2008, the vacation home rental industry picked up the pace, when the market reached US$3 billion industry from the United States alone.

Since then, the vacation rentals industry has been continually growing. In 2016, the vacation rental market grew to $100 billion, and it is projected to reach $169.7 billion by 2019.

Overview: Important Stats of Vacation Rentals

Let’s know more about the market size of vacation rentals. According to the report from Statista –

  • The revenue in the vacation rentals segment amounts to US$57,669 million in 2019. The revenue is expected to grow an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 6.4%, and resulting in the market volume of US$74,005 million by 2023.


  • The user penetration in the vacation rentals segment is highest in the Netherlands with a rate of 15.6%.


This is because the average traveler has deep down an adventurous spirit. Indeed, the vacation home rental industry has come a long way! Well, it is just a beginning. And, it’s credit goes to vacation rentals apps like Airbnb and HomeAway.

app-like-HomeAwayImage Credits: bustle

In this blog post, we’ll know more about the vacation-rental giant, HomeAway, which is one of the popular apps in vacation rentals, and it shares the Airbnb-similar business model.

HomeAway: Vacation Rentals App like Airbnb

An Airbnb-like service, HomeAway, has provided the global online platform for travelers. With over 2,000,000 vacation rentals in 190 countries listed, HomeAway is a vacation rental marketplace. Founded in 2005, the Texas-based vacation rental company, HomeAway, offers rentals of cabins, castles, villas, farmhouses, and barns.


Image Credits: homeaway
Source: Google Play

With a HomeAway app, users can explore over 2 million vacation rentals around the world, and they can book houses, villas, and apartments as per their convenience.

With a total funding amount of $510.3M, the download rank of HomeAway is #43 in App Store across the United States, according to the report from App Annie.


3 Important Lessons Learned from HomeAway (Vacation Rentals App) While Developing an App like Airbnb Alternatives

1. Knowing Your Audience

Knowing your audience is the center of the successful business’ strategy. To create a successful vacation rental app, it is important to know your audience. Before developing an app like Airbnb or HomeAway, it is important to do market research. However, the main crux of increasing online holiday booking is to really know the targeted audience. It is also important to know what type of people you want to attract to your vacation rentals app. Before developing app alternatives to Airbnb, it is pretty essential that you need to be very clear about your targeted audience.


Image Credits: bustle

You just need to build a platform for those who need an easy, cheap and convenient way to travel. Also, it is important to provide a personalized travel experience. If you have ever thought of creating an app like HomeAway, deeply knowing your audience can help your startup business to stand out from your rivals.

2. Customize The Traveling Experience

For the past few years, a number of travel booking platforms are there in order to book vacation rentals. However, Texas-based HomeAway provides a unique way to book rentals for vacations in order to provide home-like experience to travelers. The main point is that it provides a customized traveling experience to those who have been missing out the home-like experience while traveling.


Image Credits: homeaway
Source: Google Play

If you’re a vacation rental startup, who are looking for ways to develop a successful Airbnb alternative, then customized travel experience is the lesson, which you can take from vacation-rental giant, HomeAway.

3. A Secure Platform for Both Owners & Rentals

By providing an online vacation rental platform, it is important to provide a secure platform to both owners and rentals. Before creating an app like Airbnb or HomeAway, it is must to provide a secure platform to your app users (homeowners and rentals) in which they can rely on. The vacation-rental app like HomeAway ensures the safest travel experience in stranger’s home. Whether you want to start a small vacation-rental platform or a big one, providing a secured rental platform can make a difference. And, the chances are people will choose and prefer your services like Airbnb over your rivals.


Image Credits: homeaway
Source: Google Play

All you just need to build a reliable online platform for both owners as well as rentals. So, being a tech startup, if you want to launch a vacation rental app like HomeAway, you need to pay close attention to security for your vacation-rental app users.


With the growing changes in the hospitality sector and increasing trend of vacation homes, there are huge opportunities for startups, who want to create vacation rental apps like Airbnb or HomeAway.

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