UK Startups100 listed Q App, Scaled Over 45,000 users, Acquired by Yoyo Wallet

Launched just last June, Q App won over the judges at UK Startups100 and have also scaled over 45,000 users and 30 venues, including Mecca Bingo, The Royal Albert Hall, and Liverpool Football Club.

The hospitality market is worth tens of billions of pounds annually, and thus, it improves efficiency that transplant into serious value for the venues.

What is UK Startups100?

Those tech entrepreneurs, who have privately owned companies in the UK that “demonstrate innovation, solid financials, economic impact and growth potential” are recognized as the part of Startups 100 index for 2015.

Around 187 entrepreneurs have raised over £140 million to grow their business and bring a healthy innovation in the sector. It is noted that 24% businesses listed on UK Startups100 have been founded or co-founded by women.

Looking at the result, said that it raised £11 million in investment, sold 2,000 properties and reached a million monthly site visits all within a year of launching. Every year, UK Startups100 is a witness of exciting start-ups: from getting business ideas to implement new technologies. Check out infographics for more information about UK Startups100:


How UK Startups100 Is Beneficial for Startups?

  •         Businesses get an invaluable press coverage, which is a great way to drive people to your business and as a startup, you will be in heavy need of that.
  •         Such type of events boosts staff morale and encourage them to come up with the great ideas.
  •         Business can also impress the potential investors through these events by telling them what they and their team have accomplished to date.
  •         It also helps them to gain prestige and recognition from peers.
  •         It also helps to attract high-quality new staff and thus, it increases your business growth.
  •         It builds a network with the fellow entrepreneurs that result into the raise of your business’s profile.

UK Startups100 is quite popular among UK entrepreneurs and one of its participants, Q App Scaled Over 45,000 Users Recently.

Q App enables users to avoid standing in queues by ordering and paying for drinks through their smart devices.

Recently, it got scaled over 45,000 users and has been acquired by Yoyo Wallet for an undisclosed amount. Now, it will be merged into Yoyo’s new pre-ordering feature as the founders leaving to take on developing ‘insuretech’ sector.

Q App slowly and steadily winning partners for its platform, who pushes the technology to the consumers. It already has signed a deal with the Royal Albert Hall, the most famous concert venues, for visitors to order the food while sitting in their box watching the opera.  

Now, no more papers for displaying a menu, as the customers have application to see and order the food with joining long queues at the bar during a show. Those people, who sit out of the box can be sent alert to pick up their snacks and drinks when the order is ready for the collection through a separate Q App called Fast Lane, which is placed at each bar inside the Hall.

Now, Q App is working at the venues in London like The Queen’s Tennis Club, West Bromwich Football Club, the Southbank Centre, Palace Theatre, Pho Spitalfields, and a number of other pubs, bars, coffee shops and fast food outlets.  

Q App’s got investment from Paul Ettinger (co-founder, Caffe Nero), Alex Chesterman (CEO/Founder Zoopla; co-founder LOVEFiLM), Ed and Tom Martin (founders, ETM Group) and Alex Carlton (founder, funkin).

Beating Queue and Rivals with Revolutionizing Snack Ordering App

This application has already been adopted by around 45,000 users and 30 venues, including Mecca Bingo, The Royal Albert Hall, and Liverpool Football Club that has over 90 venues nationwide. Like Q App, we also have Glovo App, which is an eBulter application for users to send, collect and buy whatever you want in minutes.

Entrepreneurs of Q App are hoping for success, as it accelerating their product distribution that targets key venues and major chains to boost the growth. Serge Taborin, of Q App Mobile, said

There are few things in life that haven’t moved on over the past 100 years, but ordering food and drink in busy bars, theatres and coffee shops works largely the same way now as it did then.”

A thought on Q App by Yoyo CEO and co-founder, Alain Falys

Q App’s Taborin shares his thought on an acquisition that it was a “great fit with what Yoyo are doing” while Bichara said, “With the fast adoption of mobile payment solutions amongst both users and retailers, Q App’s growth and popularity attracted the attention of major players. The unique team Yoyo has built, together with the quality of the product and the expansion strategy all made for an easy decision for us to become a part of Yoyo.

Alain Falys, Yoyo CEO and co-founder said he was “hugely excited” to include Q App into the platform:

Our goal at Yoyo Wallet has always been to evolve the relationship between a consumer and their wallet. That means taking the classic payment experience and creating unexpected value; it also means solving recognised problems. And what is recognised and loathed than the queue. Q App’s technology topped any other available solution across the globe.

How the Q App Idea Comes? How this Application is Useful to Users?

Q App was started in 2012 and released last June. The idea of an application initiated after realizing that there were great possibilities of revolutionizing the ordering process in busy entertainment and hospitality venues. Being a simple, users can easily download app for free (iOS and Android). This application also shows the venues where Q applications are available.

Now, customers have to choose the venue, browses the menu, adds items to their order, make payment via credit card and gets a unique order code. Then, an order appears on the Q app and when the order is ready, the customer gets an alert on their phone and have to proceed at the fast lane at the bar.

One-tap reordering functionality of an application is popular, but Taborin says,

I would say the delivery option is where we see a huge value for both the customer and the venue. For the venues that offer it, the customer can now not only order and pay from their phone but also specify where they are sitting, and the order is delivered directly to their table or, in the context of a sports ground or a theatre, customer’s box or even seat.

As the mobile payments space is crowded, there are many solutions available for making payment. But, Taborin said: “we’ve approached this from a different angle, recognising that there is a bigger problem to be solved [the removal of queuing] rather than simply replacing the credit card with the mobile phone.

Do you have any idea like Q App or Glovo App to challenge future entrepreneur?

We have developed Spain’s Glovo app, which is On-Demand Local Delivery Startup. Recently, it picked up €2M funding. This company in some ways compared with U.S.-based Postmates.

Glovo co-founder Sacha Michaud said, “Our platform allows our users to buy or deliver almost anything in their city at the press of a button on their smartphone, the platform connects the order to the nearest available couriers and, therefore, optimizing distance and time.”  


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