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As per the study:

  • An average American spends 8% of their day peeping at a mobile screen.
  • 91% of American adults own a mobile phone.
  • Nearly 76% millennial use smartphones.

A right time for someone who is looking to create or develop apps.

And If you are planning to develop an App, one of the top priority that you need to look is the designing of your app, as design is all about people, the way you design will let you know how satisfied your user is and their needs, that is the reason your designer will ask you the type of UI/UX that you prefer to put in your application.

“UI/UX is the heart and soul of any designer who are involved in designing any apps, website, or smartphones.”

Next question as a prospective client:

What is User Interface and User Experience?

User Interface (UI): an easy access to human being, where User Interface is designed into an information device. The goal is to make the User Interaction as simple and efficient as possible.

User Experience (UX): in order to make the process of using an app etc., and to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty; to improve mobile app usability, simplicity, and the comfort provided while interacting between the customer and the product User experience is used.

With the apps being used for a short intervals and as the mobile screen is small, user needs a flexible and easy mode to use their smartphones, this makes the designer to design the UI and UX project more accurately, it’s like a pinch of salt, not too much not too less, which gives out a perfect design.

Space-O designer strive hard to have a better UI and UX in their daily task for an absolute perfection. Our designer work with clients to produce the simple and ultimate design (UI and UX) that combats with the clients thoughts and User friendly designs.

Designer puts into User shoes:

Before jumping into design, any designer looks at the app from the User perspective, this gives them in-depth reason to understand the device, and working with numerous apps will smoothen their User Experience talent.

Amongst several mobile app UI, UX design, the latest one that is making the headline is the Flat Design that is here to stay…

Flat Design:

When using any mobile apps, user look for minimal design approach that makes them easy to use. So came the Flat design, an antithesis to skeuomorphic design, a design that features clean with open space, crisp edges, and bright colors with a two dimensional or flat illustrations. Even though Microsoft was first to apply this design style for its interface, Apple flexed with its iOS interface.

Flat design does not given any scope to ornamental elements that is how the design is known for its minimalistic nature. Its bright contrasting colors make the illustrations and buttons to pop out from the background, which easily catches the attention and grabs user’s eye.

Flat designs are quick to grasp

Mobile users look for simple images that convey right message more quickly than detailed explanation. As Icons play a main role for any universal actions or purposes, flat design has helped designer to implement them in their Mobile App UX and User Interface Design.

UI/UX design for mobile apps is a key to any application, anyone looking to make an app need to get a talented designer, which is hard to come. Your project is important and we at Space-O understand the key ingredient in making an app, our designers listen and craft the best mobile app UI/ UX designs. Contact us to give you a complete solution for UI & UX design services.



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