UI/UX Designs: Defining the Mobile Apps for the Audience

UI/UX Design

When one uses an app, the first thing that comes to their notice is the way an app looks. This has to do with User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX). Any app, however brilliant the idea and however awesome the app, will not work without a brilliant UI and UX.

Since the importance of apps have increased so have people given importance to the idea, innovation, brilliance, hard work, talent of the developers, designers and more. However, what binds all these very important aspects together and makes it look like a unified app, is the UI/UX. If they are not worked upon then the app will fall apart even before gathering itself up.

As theories go, the bad user experience can be a result of bad user interface, and whatever the case might be, these two cannot be meddled with.

Few tips to enhance your Apps’ UI/UX

The Design must be Responsive

While launching the app, if you decide to launch it across all platforms then it is important to look at the smooth shifts in UI/UX when the app is used across devices. Whether it is JS or CSS, issues need to be solved with extra care. The app must allow users to make use of all the features that their device offers. Also, the app must be responsive related to the change in OS, phone, screen size and other such important changes.

UI and UX trends that should adapt the Users

Adapt UsersUser Experience must be customized for every user and this can only happen if the app keeps a track of the user’s choices and favorites in that particular area. Letting the app fetch the data of the users can give the customized user experience. If everyone is different as an individual, then why should the User Experience be the same?

This particularly saves a lot of time of the users and increases your app’s retention rate. Many apps have already used this concept like restaurant finders apps, travelling apps, etc.

Let’s take an example of OpenTable App, It also knows a lot about the user, such as what they like to eat. When you make the reservation, it shows in the menu itself, so you can’t miss it.
OpenTable App

Great User Experience comes from real life testing

If you have made an app and it has reached its final stage before completion, then it is advisable to ask a few potential customers, selected by a random sampling, to use this app and see what difficulties they face, what they like about this app and whether they would like to use this app again? A couple of right questions will give you the answers you require.

Good UI is a Simple UI

Knowmedge AppLogin Screen of Knowmedge App

Apps are not created to impress but to allow users the space for a good and potentially easy-to-use experience. Wherein the users are looking for an app that can help them achieve their end results in and within 2 clicks/taps. In a nutshell, this means avoiding the extensive use of more buttons, features, functionality, options or a complicated process that leads the user astray.

Following the guidelines is mandatory

OS Guidelines
While the app may be made for any operating systems amongst the ones available, there are guidelines that need to be followed. Every app store have rules of their own to decide which apps can make it online and which can’t be. These rules need to be followed whatever the case.

Prior to submitting the apps to the stores, do take some time to make a research about the latest policies, guidelines for the navigation flow, interactions and gestures. Doing so will help to make an app with improved format.

Yes innovations are a part of the process, but breaking rules, especially related to UX/UI, will drain all the hard work into a pit.

Change is inevitable; Keep changing and updating the mobile app design

New trends keep coming and it is important to change while also keeping of what you want from the old. This way you can actually maintain a balance between the best points of the old and the new.

Final Take

Now is the right time to snap out of our sleep and see if we are doing anything wrong. And even if you are, there is nothing wrong in admitting it. Only after acceptance comes the implementation of the right plan to make the best product.

A few key takeaways from this article are; UX/UI are very important, keep it simple, stick to the guidelines, make, the app, user-friendly. These points will clear the pathway to success.

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