‘UberMoto’ – The Next On-demand Service by Uber, Primarily in Bangkok

Without any question, 2016 is a breakthrough year for on-demand. What you think have we finally reached the tipping point? Will this year on-demand reach its maturity?

Looking at the Uber’s trajectory that started in 2009, one could easily see that being the case. After UberEATS, UberRush, UberChopper, the on-demand service provider comes with two wheels on-demand service by launching a motorbike taxi on-demand service in Bangkok, where taxis are already famous to exhausted the city’s terrible traffic and get from A to B quicker.

‘UberMoto’ on-demand service is primarily launched as a pilot service after the U.S. company launched motorbike service in Thailand. Uber already offers its service, UberRush for courier services, however, this time, it has ferried passengers around on motorbikes.

The base fare of Uber’s new on-demand service is 10THB ($0.30) and 3.5THB ($0.10) per kilometer or 0.85 THB ($0.025) per minute. It is available within the existing Uber app as a new service. According to the company, UberMoto service is “specifically developed for cities in emerging markets” where overcrowding is high. However, it seems to plausible that UberMoto may be stretched to the new cities and countries over time.   

Recently, Uber has shuttered an auto-rickshaw pilot that shows Uber doesn’t believe launching every service in the wider ways.

It’s an interesting to see a huge demand for motorbikes on-demand outside of Thailand. Moreover, Uber’s biggest rival in Southeast Asia, Grab delivers the same service, named as ‘GrabBike’ in Indonesia, Bangkok, and Vietnam.  

Indonesia is also home to Go-Jek (backed by Sequoia), which is the fastest growing service, offering passenger, logistics and delivery services through 200,000 drivers. Just like Go-Jek, motorbike drivers also could unlock logistics and delivery option for Uber in the future.

Google Inc (Alphabet’s Subsidiary Company) is endorsing investment in ride-sharing companies. The California based search giant and China’s Meituan-Dianping are among the top stackholders to invest into Indonesia based ride-hailing start-up, Go-Jek.

Go-Jek’s current investors, KKR & Co LP & Warburg Pincus LLC have also participated in the funding round.

According to a report from TechCrunch, Go-Jek is about to receive $1.2 Billion funding.
Earlier in 2016, Go-Jek raised $550 million funding.

After the $1.2B funding from Google & Meituan-Dianping, Go-Jek’s market valuation is expected to reach $3 billion.

UberMoto is available in Uber like App that focused on Bangkok, where Uber said 1,500 cars are on the road and the average daily commute is a surprising two hours. “This kind of congestion undermines everyone’s quality of life,” the U.S. firm said in a statement.

How UberMOTO Works?

Open your Uber application and Choose the UberMOTO option. Now, enter your pickup location and payment method and request a ride.

Once your request has been accepted by a driver, you can view drivers’ details – name, photo and motorbike’s details.

Motorbike drivers have undergone to an extensive screening process, including a police background check, just like uberX or UberBLACK.  

As you know Bangkok city has rules for motorcycle riders and drivers to wear a helmet, so UberMOTO driver will get one for you.  

When you reached your destination, you have to make payment with cash or credit and get an electronic receipt from the driver.

Safety Is the Main Concern for Uber with UberMoto Service

Uber also has concern about safety and thus, it partnered with the Thai police and Head Awareness, a branch of the Don’t Drive Drunk Foundation, who are promoting to wear helmets on motorbikes.

Moreover, Uber’s driver will carry one helmet for passengers to wear. Uber also launched logistics service in Hong Kong and it recently going to expand shuttle bus service, UberHop to Manila in the Philippines.   

Last year, Uber also has started cash payment option for those people, who don’t own a credit card. This is a definite move by Uber with motorbikes in Asia.


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