Uber Makes New Partner Yext to Get Particular Destinations Easily


A leading American multinational online transportation network company, Uber Technologies has announced on Thursday that it is going to partner with Yext, a New York-based startup specializes in managing location-related information for businesses, to bring a number of ads to its consumers.Through this partnership, corporations will get help to serve up marketing material and ads to its consumers on Uber’s platform.

A New York-based startup Yext can deliver riders with “branded in-app experiences” during their journey when they request a ride using a Yext-powered button. Yext will integrate with Uber API to serve the riders.

However, it also depends on users’ viewpoint that whether they consider it super helpful or super annoying.

Let’s take one example how this entire service will help consumers –

Suppose one customer booked one room in the hotel online and he got one confirmation email. At the bottom of the email, there is one button that will help him to request a ride through Uber to that hotel.

When the customer tap on the button, the Uber application will open and the address of that hotel will be pre-loaded and its amenities will pop-up so that a customer can know that what amenities he/she will get.

Thanks to a Partnership of Uber and Yext

All this becomes much easier due to Uber and Yext, a leading company specialized in managing information about the location across websites and apps. Now, all the Yext customers will have an access to the new feature, allowing them to request a ride from emails, websites, and applications.

However, it will also customize content in order to serve the customers through Uber app while riding such as menus, promotions & offers and product sales.

Marc Ferrentino, Yext’s executive vice president of strategy & product, said in a statement –

“Uber and Yext share the same mission — to help people go places. That’s why we integrated with Uber to create a new, immersive experience where stores, restaurants, and other businesses can bring consumers directly to their doors and increase customer engagement through Trip Branding. We’re closing the loop so that businesses can provide a great experience all the way from search results to check out — which includes actually getting to the location.”

He also added, “This was something that was so transformational, we didn’t want to charge extra money for it.”

Uber & Yext Partnership

Established in 2006 by Howard Lerman, Brian Distelburger, and Brent Metz, Yext allows businesses to update location-based information on varied websites and applications, comprising Foursquare and Google from one place. Although, it provides various pricing tiers for its services and adding this new feature for all its valuable customers without any extra charge.

Moreover, the partnership between Yext and Uber will enable national chains like Guitar Center or footwear brands like Cole Haan to add a “Call me an Uber” button to their homepage or marketing emails.

A customer while booking, purchasing or shopping anything can click on the Uber button in order to book a ride to the nearest store. Furthermore, Yext ensures that its users will be dropped off at the accurate spot and not a mailing location or parking lot.

As per the Yext, business will get three different integration features, including:

Trip Branding: Businesses can drive their customers to any special offer or information like food menus, offers, and product sales in order to boost their customers’ experience while riding.

“Ride With Uber” Button: Users will get “Ride With Uber” button that is one-click ride-booking service that is obtainable directly from the business’s website, email campaigns and more.

Drop-Off Points: It will specify the exact drop-off point so that customers reach the right entrance and not the mailing address or parking lot.

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