Uber for Work: Give a Thought to These 3 Solutions That Can’t be Missed Before Developing an On-demand Staffing App


This post embraces information for on-demand staffing startups & entrepreneurs. Read on three solutions, which are pivotal to consider before developing an on-demand staffing app.

The fusion of Uber and on-demand economy is definitely providing more than we think. Now, Uber has become more than the transportation services. And, the new service, which is dubbed as Uber Works.

According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “Uber is reportedly developing a short-term or on-demand staffing business to offer 1099 independent contractors for events and corporate functions.” Till now, the new service is dubbed as “Uber Works”, which would provide waiters, security guards, and other temporary staffers in order to business partners.


Let us dive into the concept of what is “Uber Works” or “Uber for Work”.

What is ‘Uber for Work’ or ‘Uber Works’?

You might know about the Uber for X, it is a business model, which is a similar to Uber-like platform. In other words, Uber for X is a collection of on-demand services, which actually save the time of people. The Uber for X business model encompasses Uber-like apps in diverse niches.

Talking about the Uber for Work or Uber Works, it provides workers on-demand to employers via on-demand staffing app. An app like Uber for Work allows its app users to hire temporary workers for single shifts at a time.


Additionally, job seekers can also create their profiles to search the job for available shifts as per their convenience. Apart from hourly shifts, employers can also hire staff where they do not need to sign any extensive paperwork or make any additional commitments.

The on-demand staffing platforms are utilized by hospitality businesses and can be used for general labor tasks and entry-level office work.

Being an on-demand staffing startup or entrepreneur, if you have ever planned to develop an on-demand staffing app, then you need to give a thought to these three powerful solutions.

3 Powerful Solutions That Can’t Be Missed Before Developing an On-demand Staffing App

1. Business to Business (B2B) Services

One of the core solutions, which startups and entrepreneurs can’t miss is to provide services based on B2B (business to business) in order to deliver a flexible and on-demand supply of staff for diverse businesses. Whether employers need waiters or security guards in bulk, this online platform for on-demand staffing services provide solutions, which help them to run their businesses.


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An on-demand staffing app provides temporary staff to different businesses like restaurants, bars, venues, and caterers for last-minute call outs. Such platform also provides solutions to various business when the unexpected demand increases and employers and businesses have less staff. Apart from the hospitality sector, you can also target other sectors, which need more manpower or unexpected demand for the staff.

With an on-demand staffing app, app users or businesses can book staff like servers and bartenders, and they can book up to two months in advance.

2. Ease The Challenges

An on-demand staffing app like Uber Works allows its app users to book a handful or last-minute workers in order to get help with an unanticipated requirement. So, in simple words, we can say that the on-demand staffing app eases the challenges of supply and demand of this niche. In other words, we can also say that you just need to provide convenience to your app users who are looking for surefire solutions for the challenges they face.


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When it comes to on-demand solutions, it is important to provide flexible supply of staffing services. Well, supply and demand coexist. And, this is a solution, which can’t be missed while developing an on-demand staffing app like Uber Works.

Moreover, you also need to provide solutions, which ease challenges, which face by your customers or app users. In order to provide solutions, you need to know the challenges and pain points of your customers. Once you analyze the pain points, you need to provide solutions to them, which can add value to their businesses.

3. One-Stop Solutions for All Work Needs

To fulfill individual staffing needs, it is important to provide solutions in terms of features in the on-demand staffing app like Uber for work. Therefore, one thing is cleared that you need to consider online staffing platform, which provides the convenience and one-stop solution for all their work needs. It is pivotal to consider app features, which help your app users to get staffing services on the go. To find out dedicated recruitment, it is important to consider the following features in order to provide full-fledged solutions to your customers:

  • Allows users to hire staff to run their businesses
  • Real-time Updates
  • Give reviews and ratings to the staff
  • Secure Payment


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Well, considering these features, you will be able to provide the one-stop solution to your customers for all their staffing needs. Considering such solution plays an important role to meet the needs of your customers or users. While using the app like Uber for work, they don’t need to switch to another platform in the need of different functionality. So, you need to be very careful about choosing features while developing on-demand staffing services to your users.

Are You Ready to Develop an On-demand Staffing App like Uber for Work?

Uber is completely ready to diversify its business and wants to become more than the transportation service provider. The company is all ready to take a step further to provide short-term on-demand staffing services, known as Uber Works.

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If we’re talking about the Uber for work, then we can’t ignore what Google Trends says. According to the latest report from Google Trends, you can see the growing trend of the term “Uber for Work”, which has been growing exponentially since 2012.

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