Uber for Tutoring App Development: Consider 3 Lessons of Snapask

The Uber for Tutoring genre is an exploring and growing platform for e-learning startups. Private coaching centers, institutes, education startups, which are planning to invest in education app development, must have a quick look at these 3 lessons from Snapask, a Hong Kong-based tutoring app which has amassed $20million in funding along the way.

The global education app market is booming. Why? 

Answer to this is…Personalized education.

The education segment is getting into a new phase with mobile learning apps. There are a lot of questions or lectures in which a student is absent or is not mentally present in the class. Due to population increase and education awareness, the ratio of students to teachers has increased. It has also increased the burden of teachers. To overcome these challenges, Uber for tutoring or homework app can be an apt solution. When it comes to talking about the Uber for tutoring app, we came across the top tutoring app named Snapask that has amassed $20million along the way.

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So, whether you are an e-learning startup, institute, and online tutoring startup, consider the lessons of this most popular Hong Kong-based tutoring app. Before moving to the lessons to learn from this tutoring startup, let’s check out some basic information about it.

Snapask: Top Tutoring App in Hong Kong

Uber for tutoring

Image Credit: Snapask

  • Snapask was founded by Timothy Yu in Hong Kong and it expanded to Taiwan and Singapore in the year 2015.
  • The Uber for tutoring app helps students to connect to tutors and get one-on-one academic support. 
  • Using artificial intelligence technology, the education app is said to address the questions and problems asked by its users within 15 seconds.
  • The learning app includes concept based quizzes. Over 1.3 million across Asia are using this e-learning app.
  • The app has 2,50,000 tutors across eight countries and has managed to gather $20million fundings. This tutoring app is providing on demand services in Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand. 

Now, let’s have a look at the lessons that we learn from this top education app named Snapask. So, education startups can consider these lessons before investing in education app development.

3 Lessons of Snapask (Uber for Tutoring App) Every Educational Startup Should Consider Before Investing in Education App Development

  1. Get answers at an instance

    The education app for students should have an optimized approach with respect to the student-tutor matching mechanism to induce faster responses. The Snapask, on demand tutoring app, has included machine learning algorithm to quickly understand student’s study pattern. A student can take a picture of the problem and connect to a tutor within 15 seconds which makes the education app much more convenient and reliable.

    Being an educational startup, make sure your users do not have to spend time arranging for help. To be among the best learning apps, you must provide your users with an instant live chat with their respective tutors. This will leverage your mobile app development and will make you stand out from the other competitors.

  2. Study at convenience with a suitable method

    The Uber for tutoring app should have individual tutors for every subject. This helps students to preview or review their subjects immediately with their favorite online tutors. The Snapask app allows students to study according to their convenience through pictures, audio, or text messages. The app is a good mixture of experienced tutors and technology.

    For your app like Snapask, you can include experienced tutors and can integrate group discussions, along with an on-the-spot audio-visual method. With this method, a tutor can write on spot and can communicate through audio to the student. Thus, it will replicate the effect of sitting in a classroom for the student.

  3. Advanced quiz concept & information retrieval

    The app like Uber for tutoring should have some engaging quizzes, learning games, and other learning material that makes education easy. Talking about Snapask, it is using a question answering computing system built by IBM since 2016. This education software update involved natural language processing, automated reasoning, knowledge representation. It made the app more relatable and made the student’s mind sharper. 

    An education app can interact much better with education solutions like learning games. Also, you can keep specifically curated study materials from famous tutors, to grab more attention of your target audience.

    After studying these lessons, if you are hesitating on how will the app earn money, or will it be able to sustain in the app world. One of our expert mobile app developers at Space-O Technologies has curated certain monetization tactics for you.

How Will Your Uber for Tutoring App Make Money?

  • Commission from buyers

You can charge buyers with premium services such as instant chat with tutors, or an online session for a particular subject. Your learning and education app can also have add-on services like tutoring for a specific topic or niche subjects for which you can charge users. For instance, the Snapask app has a monthly question allowance ranging from $43 to $86.

  • Brand affiliation

There are some famous giants in the education industry who are known for their easy problem-solving ideas. You can partner with them and generate a lead for them through your Uber for tutoring platform. This will engage more audience in less time to your app and you can also make this affiliation chargeable through your app.

  • Tutor training

Your app can become a gig economy concept for part-time tutors or freelancing tutors. They can easily earn extra money and educate your audience. In the case of Snapask, it has kept a tutor to earn around $2000 per month answering 2500 questions. 

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  • Advertisements

This option will only help your app grow if you have enough targeted audience. It can add significantly to your revenues with the help of Ad Sense by Google, you can easily put ads on your app. This works for both, the business and the advertiser.

So, Are You Ready With Your Online Tutoring App Idea?

You have just gone through 3 lessons of Snapask that you can include in your Uber for tutoring app or consider while creating on demand tutor app like Uber. No matter what type of education app you create, it is crucial to impart a better learning experience. With your online tutoring app, students must receive proper guidance, tutors should have loyal students, and parents must get satisfied with the method of learning.

So, if you have any idea about tutoring app development, you can cross-verify it with us. We are a leading app development company and have already developed over 3500 mobile apps for Android, iOS and web platforms. Have a look at our developed mobile app portfolio that contains those apps that are not under NDA. 

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding how much will it cost to develop an Uber like app for tutors, tutor finder app idea, online tutoring app, feel free to discuss all your expectations about the app. Our sales representatives will provide you with market insight and the actual scope of your app development. 

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