How Uber for Trucks Can Benefit the Trucking & Freight Industry


Today, it can’t be denied that Uber is not just an ordinary on-demand service app to connect drivers and their possible passengers. Uber and Uber for freight have become a part of the sharing economy as it has transformed the relations between consumers and those who offer different services.

Not only limited to the taxi industry, but Uber has also already entered in the trucking and freight market with its standalone application, called Uber Freight in the US that mainly aims to connect trucking companies and their drivers with shippers on just a tap of a button.

Recently, Uber has declared that it is adding two new features to its Uber Freight app (Android and iOS). Both newly launched features are mainly developed for drivers to cord together multiple jobs that would make it likely they keep booking with Uber rather than traditional online cargo load boards.

The two new features, called “Post My Truck” and “Reloads”, help truckers to tell the app where and when they will be available with an empty truck and find their next jobs. The launch of Uber Freight app with its new features can spur the demand for a new category of apps in the market that popularly known as “Uber For Trucking” apps.

According to another news from, The Chinese startup dubbed the Uber of Trucks and it has attracted foreign investors from Alphabet Inc. to SoftBank Group Corp. on the premise that it can make a lot of money from connecting the nation’s truckers with shippers who need goods

If you are planning to dive into the trucking & freight/transportation industry, then developing an Uber-like app for trucks and dispatch software for your trucking companies can benefit your business in many ways. Let’s check out what benefits on-demand trucking app offers.

Benefits of Uber for Fright For Trucking & Freight Industry

As you know that trucking business has three different stakeholders, including the Trucking Business Owners, the Drivers, and the Customers, so how Uber for logistics is beneficial for them all:

1. Benefits for Trucking Business Owners

  • Real-time Tracking & Excellent Control: Now, there will be no more visionless spots in operations as truck owners can easily track their drivers and truck in real time using admin panel. It will be easy for them to create predefined routes, set speed limits, and track violations if any. Gathering information and data can unlock enormous opportunities for analysis and optimization.
  • A Digital Channel to Work With: Using Uber for trucking application, carriers do not have to waste their time taking phone calls from brokers and discuss commission rates. With this digital channel, the can receive new load requests easily from their customers and assign it to their driver. It will simplify the entire process.
  • Improve Efficiency & Productivity: The tow truck app will improve the productivity of the business as there will be no underutilized trucks. The trucking application will smartly connect a truck driver to multiple shipping loads to be moved in the same direction.
  • Expands Your Business at Faster Pace: By having an Uber like app for trucking business, you can ensure a better shipment booking experience. Carriers can get more business from their existing customers and acquire new ones as well, expanding their business faster.

2. Benefits For Drivers

  • Drivers Can Get New Requests from an App: The drivers will get a standalone application to get new load pickup and drop requests from carriers. The app makes it easy for drivers to reach the place to pick the packages and drop it at the mentioned place. Moreover, they can also get a new request with an ability to accept or reject it. As per their schedule, they can get on the trip.
  • Easy-to-access Information About the Job: Once a driver accepts any load request, he will get complete information about the job, including pickup location, time of pickup, shipment destination, load weight, and other information to perform the job without any hassle.
  • Logging Bills Become Easier: Drivers need to get the bill of lading signed, get delivery confirmation from customers, add gas refill bills, tolls, record trip length, etc. All this information can be easily filled from the driver’s app, replacing paper-based workflows.
  • Tracking Performance & Payment: Drivers can check their performed job’s history and their payment status. They can also check their performance reports, messages from carriers, and other required information.

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3. Benefits For Shippers

  • Easy Bookings: One of the main benefits that shippers can enjoy is that they can easily schedule a shipment booking delivering required details like load weight, drop, pickup time, and other required information. They can easily get instant fares about the loaded shipping or they can request a quote for particular requirements.
  • Tracking Shipments: Shippers can easily track their shipments using Uber freight like application. In addition to this, the live tracking feature will ensure that customers know exactly where their packages have reached.
  • Secure Way to Make Payment: Shippers can easily and securely pay from their app once their package has been delivered to the right destination. They will get a receipt detailing all the charges of the service, so shippers will not have any question or confusion.
  • Reviews and Ratings: An app like Uber freight can allow shippers to share their reviews and ratings for the service of the trucking owners. They can share their experience directly with the app.

So, these are the benefits that Uber for Trucking app will deliver to the trucking and freight/transportation industry, allowing owners, drivers, and shippers to smoothly manage their work.

What’s Next Step For Trucking & Freight Businesses?  

After knowing enormous benefits of Uber for trucking app development and truck dispatch solution, you might want to have your own app like Uber for trucking for your trucking and transportation company to bridge the gap between shippers and truckers.

With Uber for trucks logistics app development, you can eliminate the need for a middleman because the app will make a direct connection between trucks and those, who are looking to hire them. In short, the supply chain logistics industry will get a lot of benefits from having a standalone transportation app like Uber freight. It will improve the efficiency and productivity of the company by preventing trucks from moving empty.

So, develop your own application like Uber for trucks by discussing your requirements with an experienced mobile app development company that has proficiency in building Uber Clone apps. In case, if you have any query related to Uber for trucks, trucking/logistics app development or trucking freight, then you can get in touch with us and discuss it with our developers. They will suggest the right solution, sufficing your business requirements. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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