3 Powerful Lessons Logistics Companies Must Learn From Kargo, Myanmar-based Uber For Trucking Like Platform


This blog is for logistics startups and entrepreneurs who want to create an app like Uber for trucking for Myanmar, USA, Canada or other countries. Herein rounded up 3 important lessons from Kargo, Myanmar based Uber for trucking app like platform, which you can consider before developing a logistics app for your business.

Transport and logistics industry has a lot of hassle from fleet management to maintaining inventories. Things are haphazard! With no control over drivers, and timely deliveries. Myanmar also used to face such problems before the innovation of Kargo, a company that takes the spirit of Uber for trucking apps. Myanmar is said to be the world’s most curious countries, which has recently known the power of technological advancements.

Kargo, Myanmar based Uber for trucking app, has resolved a major logistical problem.

Firstly, the country never had a full-fledged transport and logistics service. The moving of agricultural, hardware and other goods was mainly done by individuals or small group of drivers with less than 5 trucks. Jobs in these groups were organized through a whiteboard or in the owner’s head and passed out to drivers through messages/call. The tedious traditional communication channel took long to avail response from the other end. Some drivers kept on calling for jobs, trucks used to pass with empty loads on the highways. Resources were not used at the best and wastage of manpower, diesel, time and energy.

Let’s dive into the Kargo app, to know more about the success and achievements of the logistics company before moving forward towards the lessons.

Kargo, Myanmar Based Uber For Trucking App

  • According to the latest report from TechCrunch, Kargo has raised a US$800,000 round of pre-series A-deal funding. The first smooth running app like Uber for trucks in Myanmar has managed to disrupt logistics solutions in one of the world’s most curious countries.
  • Kargo is an Indonesian company of the same name, backed by Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick.
  • Talking on the driver side, Kargo has raised a seed round of funding $800,000 from Cocoon Capital. This created a fund specifically for Southeast Asian startups in deep tech, fintech and medtech.
  • It was founded in 2016 by Australian expat Alexander Wicks, who was previously running a digital marketing business, was keen to create an Uber freight clone app.
  • Kargo won a grant from the GSM Association Ecosystem Accelerator Fund, a unit associated with the GSMA. It represented Myanmar at the world Seedstars Summit last year.
  • Kargo works with multinational companies like Coke and Nestle for effortless logistics navigation in Myanmar.
  • Kargo, on-demand trucking app, is a single point of contact for companies with multiple fleet management solutions, (transport business app) for Myanmar.  

Now, let’s quickly move on to some interesting lessons that you budding logistics companies and transport tech-startups can take into consideration for your trucking logistics app development.

3 Important Lessons To Learn From Kargo, Myanmar Based Uber For Trucking App Like Platform

#1 Opportunity For Drivers

Kargo app provides opportunistic job market for drivers through its logistics solution app. By simply signing up for Kargo, without hampering their current customer base, they can work with the uber clone app for trucking.

So, the current drivers fleet has a very convenient option in front of them for joining the tucking app development and to earn more money. Certain perks that a driver has while working for Kargo are:

  • Work as per your will. Whenever you want, no pressure of performance or delivery order limits.
  • Decide on which work you want to do and perform on that selected job.
  • Through the mobile app, direct invitations for the job without any middleman is sent.

Kargo, Myanmar based Uber for trucking app like platform, knows exactly how to retain its drivers. Being a logistics company startup, you have “n” number of opportunities if you create your own app like Uber for trucking.


#2 Flexible, Trackable & Secured Service

All these three functions are beneficial from customers and business point of view.

A logistics app like Uber gives flexibility in contracts or variable pricing, invoices with or without POD’s, favorite locations, and an easy to copy order data. When a customer tracks real-time order placed by him, it builds trust and satisfaction towards the transport and logistics app. Also, they receive a notification when the job is completed, which makes it even more convenient source to rely upon. If you are planning to develop such logistics and transport apps, you should definitely by-heart these lessons.

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Security of the item to be transported is equally important. As a logistics startup, you should try and connect for fleet management partnerships. As in the case of Kargo, the app has efficient fleet management solution partnerships and is soon going to outshine as the first player of the market to provide cargo-in transit insurance for safety purpose.

#3 Move The Goods At The Best Rate

If you are eager to create a successful transport and logistics app, keep these important lessons in mind before developing Uber for logistics for your business.

Kargo meets the best reliable drivers who are disciplined in their work and capable of timely deliveries without any damage. The fleet management app solution provides consumer relevancy to find a truck for transport in the whole of Myanmar country. It is the most easily accessible ride-hailing Uber like app that provides the best transport in the best prices for all the products from the smallest pin to a car, everything is transported across Myanmar just at a fingertip.

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Summing Up

After going through these lessons from Kargo, Myanmar based Uber For Trucking, if you are thinking to create an on-demand trucking app, then it is a high time to enter the market. Here are some freight and trucking revenue generation estimations to check out:

Uber for trucking

Image Credit: statista.com

Hire the best full stack developer and get a mobile app for logistics management for better business exposure and systematic revenue generation. With an Uber for trucking solution, you can easily eliminate the additional expense of middlemen and get your drivers and customers straight to your doorsteps with a single click.

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