How BlackBird, Uber for Planes, Has Bagged $10M in Series A Round of Funding With These 3 Cohesive Strategies


This blog includes information for flight-hailing startups or entrepreneurs. Explore a few cohesive strategies from BlackBird, which you can consider during Uber for planes app development.

As time passes, technology brings something new for all of us like an on-demand solution. Now, we all have already made the most out of on-demand ride-sharing services. But, the time has come when sharing economy is going airborne to the next level.

Currently, there is news, which has created a buzz in the ride-sharing niche. But, this time, it is all about the sky. Yes, you’re reading right, and it is an app like “Uber for planes”, which is a flight-hailing startup BlackBird Air that replaces driving with flying. According to the latest report from TechCrunch, “BlackBird, which is known as Uber for planes, has bagged $10 million in Series A round of funding, led by New Enterprise Associates.”


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BlackBird Air: App like Uber for Planes

Launched back in 2016, BlackBird Air is a flight-sharing startup company, which is founded by Rudd Davis. The main objective of BlackBird Air is to make flying more affordable. Well, this Uber for planes startup is based on a very unique concept as it believes that driving should not be the only option for personal transportation.

An app like Uber for planes, Blackbird Air, is an on-demand app for hiring ride-sharing services for the skies. The app is designed to make an affordable private and semi-private air travel access for all people.

Moreover, BlackBird Air has over 700 commercial pilots who fly passengers between 50 and 500 miles from and within California.

Funding Rounds:

  • With total funding amount of $15 million, BlackBird Air app has bagged $10 million in Series A round of funding on 12th March 2019.”
  • Blackbird Air app also secured $5 million in the seed round of funding, according to the CrunchBase.

The Latest App Stores’ Ranking:

  • BlackBird Air app has ranked #124 in travel mobile app category across the Apple App Store.
  • Currently, the Google Play rank of BlackBird Air app is #149, according to SimilarWeb’s report.


  • According to the App Annie, “In the United States, currently, the download rank of BlackBird Air app is #369 under travel app category in the Apple App Store.”


Let’s dive right into the cohesive strategies from BlackBird Air, an app like Uber for planes, which flight-hailing startups can consider while creating ride-hailing apps for skies.

3 Cohesive Strategies from BlackBird That Flight-Hailing Startups Can Consider While Developing an App like Uber for Planes

1. A Unique Approach

The very important thing, which you as a flight-hailing startup need to keep in your mind is that the success of your startup is depended greatly upon the approach of your business. The businesses, which are based on Uber-like service, have a greater chance of getting succeed. Similarly, BlackBird Air is very focused on working on the pain points of people who most of the time fly for some reasons.

However, this flight-hailing startup has not only worked on making things easier for customers, but it also worked on pricing, too. They have realized that the Flyers have been suffering from huge flight rates and 2-hour arrival before departure. This startup has provided solutions for the same, and make a flight booking seamless to flyers.


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If you want to set up a business like BlackBird, then you need to work on a unique business approach. And, if you are planning to create an app like Uber for planes, then this strategy will take your business to the next level.

2. Tapping Opportunities: Replace Driving through Flights

The next important strategy is that you as a flight-startup need to tap a number of opportunities from your business. Based on Uber-like services, BlackBird Air app provides an online platform, which allows flyers to crowdsource their own flights.

In order to replace driving through flights, BlackBird Air has provided different flying options to their flyers. Moreover, BlackBird Air app provides three ways of experiencing early flight without having fear of missing the flights. The company provides three options to their flyers such as:

  • Scheduled Flights: This is one of the cheapest options provided by BlackBird Air. With scheduled flights option, users can book air travel for specific routes on pre-scheduled dates and times.


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  • Blackbird Pool or Carpool of Skies: It is an on-demand option that allows app users (flyers) to crowdsource their own flights. All users need to choose a date and time during no flights exist generally. If the app finds out other users (flyers), the flight is automatically scheduled. Well, this flying option is affordable for flyers who look for under-budget flying options.


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  • Blackbird Select: This is one of the most expensive options for those flyers who can be extravagant in order to experience differently in the skies in terms of comfort and time of arrival. It allows travelers to charter an entire small plane for private service to about anywhere.


By embracing a number of options in an app like Uber for planes, you can offer a number of services as per their flyers’ requirements. Plus, you will tap opportunities for the growth of your business.

3. Convenient, Accessible & Affordable Flying Experience at the Same Time

The strategy behind the growth of BlackBird Air is that it provides convenient, accessible and affordable flying services at the same time. BlackBird has realized that flying options are no longer accessible and affordable. However, the company has realized these pain points of flyers and worked on it.


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As a flight-hailing startup or entrepreneur, you just need to provide services, which give convenience, accessibility, and affordability to flyers in flying experience. Whether it is about commuters, vacationers, travelers or day-trippers, BlackBird Air app offers solutions to every kind of flyers, who have been missing convenient, accessibility and affordability during traveling in the skies.

Moving ahead, let’s take a quick look at the salient features of an app like Uber for planes, which you as a startup or entrepreneur can consider during Uber for planers app development.

Some Salient Features of an App like Uber for Planes


  • Allows to Choose a Destination
  • Pick a Plane
  • Choose a Pilot
  • In-App Payments
  • Real-time Updates & Notifications

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You have just read a few cohesive strategies and important app features from BlackBird, which you can embrace while developing an app like Uber for planes.

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