3 Powerful Lessons From Roadie, Uber for Courier App

Want to create a courier delivery app for your delivery startup? We have curated 3 takeaways from Roadie, Uber for courier app development, which you as a delivery startup can consider during courier delivery app development.

Convenience is the king of today’s market. Nowadays, no one wants to bear the pain of getting into the line or calling and keeping track of courier delivery. As a result, apex-insight has shared some global parcel market stats, which gives an insight into on-demand delivery startups. It has exceeded USD 500 billion in 2020.

No doubt, the business for courier delivery is increasing with time. Ever since we all are under lockdown due to COVID, most entrepreneurs flocked to delivery startups. Whether it is grocery delivery startups like Dija and Getir, or courier delivery startups like TaskRabbit and Postmates; every business has started gaining exponential profits. So, let’s discuss what you can learn from Roadie, uber for the courier app.


The courier service industry has seen an evolution in the form of on-demand delivery apps. Uber for courier app service has opened a new opportunity for earning money for drivers and quicker delivery of the parcel for consumers. Technological advancement makes it possible through the “apps that deliver anything to you” concept. A user can send anything from small cupcakes to couches, across the town or country in a short span of time than traditional parcel services.

There are Uber for courier app development like TaskRabbit, Postmates, or Amazon Flex that are booming the on-demand delivery app market. The delivery service apps have addressed the new trend of “on-the-way”  package delivery, in the form of the Roadie delivery app.

According to VentureBeat, Roadie, on-demand delivery app, has raised $37million to expand peer-to-peer package delivery service. Roadie, an Uber for package delivery app, has combined ride-sharing app development and on-demand delivery services. It has connected users to people who can make shipping packages or couriers possible. The Uber for delivery does deliveries by side gigs, without any excessive time consumption.

Uber for package delivery app development

Image Credit: Roadie

If you are an on-demand delivery startup and are interested in creating a package delivery app, then it is the most popular crowded niches in the on-demand service arena, which can be a successful business model for your service. Let’s dig deep into, how an on-demand delivery app development ensures to simplify the user’s worries.

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3 Takeaways from Roadie, Startups Need to Consider While Courier Delivery App Development

Being a tech startup consulting firm, we have shared the top 3 takeaways that you can learn from the Roadie app. Let’s take a look at all the lessons one by one.

  1. The Freedom to Perform a Service at Best Rates

    The gig economy has disrupted traditional freelancing and employment. It is a temporary employment phase, based on the contract system for independent workers. People are getting used to it as a side gig for paying their debts. Both millennials and boomers enjoy the flexibility offered by gig economy jobs.

    Currently, there are around 68 million freelancers or self-employed in the U.S. With the advent of such a huge number, your on-demand courier app development startup can definitely progress in the delivery service by employing such Gig economy concept. We have gathered some stats related to the scope of such an economy and it has seen a healthy increase from 34% in 2016 to 43% in 2020 via a report from Intuit. These stats prove that your delivery startup will never have an employment problem, which results in timely deliveries and commission enrichment through an on-demand app.

    Uber for package delivery app development

    The best example of Gig Economy is the Roadie app, which has been using this for five years and has embraced its share of success in on-demand courier services. It also offers a “get paid more” feature with every delivery, which intrigues employee retention and customer satisfaction.

    Uber for package delivery app development

    Image Credit: Roadie Delivery App

  2. Same-day Delivery of Any Item & Any Time – Flexible, Scalable & Cost Efficient Option

    “Same-day delivery”- the most convenient delivery courier service provided by the courier apps. The on-demand apps are all about instant services. Apart from providing same day service, it is accompanied with any item, any size, to any zip code, and at any time. This solution has enabled users to courier their packaging at the very last minute.

    An investment of mobile app development for your on-demand delivery startup can bring you flexible, scalable and cost-efficient option to reach all of your customers, wherever they might live, with an apt solution of delivering a small u-pin to a refrigerator.

  3. Verified Drivers and Package Tracking Facility that Win Consumer’s Trust

    Uber for courier app development ensures that every driver at least passes the third- party background and DMV checks, with minimum four-star rating to continue driving. Such tests make the company and customers both trust that the package will reach safely and at the said location.

    The package tracking system allows users to be in constant check of the packaging. The Uber clone for courier app development can give real-time progress through the map. Customers also receive confirmation through photos and text updates from the drivers at each point in the delivery process.

    Being a courier delivery startup, you should keep in mind these takeaways to provide your targeted niche with the best solutions through your package delivery app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best apps for courier delivery?

  • TaskRabbit
  • Postmates
  • Amazon Flex

How much time does it take to develop an app like Roadie?

It would take 2 – 6 months to develop an app like Roadie. This range would depend on various factors, such as features and functionalities, the location of the app developer, and the complexity of the app.


How to get products to customers even faster? If this is the question, which is in your mind then you should definitely invest in on-demand courier delivery app development. It is the most trending and effortless networking solution for your delivery business model. There are ample of options when it comes to the delivery genres such as food delivery apps, courier delivery apps, and Uber for moving apps. The sole purpose of all these apps is to give door-to-door convenience in less time.

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