Uber for Moving: Top 3 Solutions to Consider Before Developing On-demand Movers App


This blog includes information for tech startups and entrepreneurs. Herein curated a few top solutions, which you can consider during Uber for moving app development.

Moving to the new places is not at all easy thing. And, at first, it seems a bit terrifying. However, technology has made “moving” easier. There are a few popular apps like Dolly, Bellhops, Lugg, and Easymove, which are based on on-demand delivery and moving services. Well, the app like Uber for moving based on the concept in which it allows users to book on-demand moving and delivery services, similarly, taxi booking apps like Uber.

An App like Uber for Moving

Users are allowed to request truck and helper with a few taps in the Uber for moving app. Whether it is moving for bulk items like furniture between apartments or storage units, donating furniture to local charities or moving stuff within the home, an app like Uber for movers can help users to do this without any hassle.


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If you have ever thought of developing an on-demand movers app or Uber package delivery app, you need to check out the following solutions when developing an app like Uber for movers.

3 Solutions to Consider Before Developing an On-demand Movers App

1. Affordable & On-Demand Moving Solutions

One of the greatest solutions, which mover startups need to consider is to provide a blend of affordability and on-demand solutions. The Uber for the movers app makes moving quick, cheap, and fast for people, who search for moving van rental near me using an app.  The first and foremost solution is to provide your users with affordable solutions in moving and delivery services. Whether it is moving stuff locally or delivery for storage stuff, then it is important to cover those services along with convenience.


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The basic idea behind the on-demand movers app is to help people with small or long moves. If such moving solutions would be affordable and on-demand services Being a tech startup, if you are all ready to create an app for on-demand solutions, then it is important to allow your users to access to the best budget-friendly movers nearby. All top of it, you just need to give a thought to provide such solutions, which provide convenience to your customers without any hassle.

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2. Adjustable Scheduling Services

Moving is surely one of the terrifying things, which people do not like whenever they interact with it. The American Moving & Storage Association has broken out the data, and according to the data, “America has approximately 3 million interstate movers.” Moreover, as per the report from move.org, “Approximately 650,000 Americans hire professional movers when it comes to moving and delivery.” This is what you can see in this image.


Image Credits: move.org

Well, this data reveals that Americans rely on professional movers when it comes to moving stuff whether they rent apartments or moving the storage stuff. Well, it is safe to say that people largely depend on professional moving services.


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Source: Google Play Store

If you have ever planned to develop an app like Uber for moving or storage, then scheduling service is one of the core solutions, which is pivotal to offer your customers who seek on-demand moving solutions.

3. A Wide Range of Moving Services

To provide an easy way to movers, however, it is all important to provide an online platform where they can opt to a wide range of moving services. So, being a moving tech startup, you just need to be careful when it comes to choosing services. This is due to the fact that your app users (movers) can easily find out the entire services at one platform only.


Image Credits: dolly
Source: Google Play Store

So, you just need to consider solutions that ease your customers’ pain points. It is important to consider a wide range of moving and delivery services such as:

  • Small move
  • Long-distance move
  • Store pickup and delivery
  • No truck, hire labor only
  • Apartments move
  • Donate Goods or Charity move

You can provide an online moving platform, where your users can find out a wide range of on-demand moving and delivery services, which meet their requirements.

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Common Features to Consider Before Developing On-demand Movers App

Undoubtedly, consumer behavior has been changing continuously. Nevertheless, we’ve curated a few common yet essential features, which you can consider whilst developing an app like Uber for moving.

  • Allows to request drivers
  • Real-time tracking
  • Schedule the services in advance
  • Multiple In-app payment modes
  • Allows to calculate the fare or Estimation of cost
  • Social media integration
  • Cross-platform ability
  • Multi-lingual support
  • In-app communication
  • Ratings and reviews
  • View Order History

Final Thoughts

The billion dollars on-demand industry usually experience changes due to the rise of changing consumers’ behaviors and competitions. Well, there is still a lot of opportunities for new tech startups, who want to dive into this niche.

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