Uber for Massage: Consider 3 Salient Features While Developing an App like Uber of Massage


This post includes information for startups and entrepreneurs. Read on three salient features of Zeel, an app like Uber for massage, which is highly recommended to consider during on-demand massage app development.

There is no room for doubt in that the entire world is moving towards the on-demand. However, professional massage services have become part of this model. Just like booking taxis and ordering groceries, the on-demand massage services do work as similar to the same pattern. These services work on the platforms like the on-demand massage app, which allows its massage therapy app users to book professional massage therapists to homes or offices.

And, there is an app like Uber for massage, Zeel, which is quite famous due to its business model and its app features. According to the report from Crunchbase, “The on-demand massage app like Uber, Zeel, has raised the undisclosed amount of fund in Series B round of funding on April 1, 2018”.

Let us know more about the on-demand massage app or we can say mobile massage near me app, Zeel.


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Zeel: The Uber for Massage App

Founded in 2010, an American startup, Zeel is known as the Uber for massage and offering in-home body massage services, which is on-demand, that means users get professional and 5-star massage therapists same-day or within an hour.

American startup, Zeel also allows its users to get massage services at anywhere like homes, hotels, or workplaces. And, it allows booking a wide variety of massage services like Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Parental & Sleep massage within the app. Currently, Zeel competes with Soothe, MassageBook and Urban Massage, which are also known as the Uber for massage apps in their regions due to sharing Uber-style on-demand business.

The in-home massage service app, Zeel, has launched the same-day, on-demand message subscription service, providing body massage services at your home.

  • The Total Funding amount is: $13.2M
  • Zeel has Disrupted The U.S. and Global Market: The New York Area-based Uber for massage, Uber, has disrupted the $15 billion US and $80 billion global massage market.
  • Monthly App Downloads: The monthly app downloads of the Zeel app are 2,443 and it has $23.8M in revenue annually.
  • SimilarWeb Report: The usage rank of in-home massage app in the health and fitness category is #2370, according to the latest report from SimilarWeb. This is what you can see in the image.


  • The Zeel app is named as one of the “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America” – by Entrepreneur
  • “Zeel is one of the fastest-growing companies” – by Inc.
  • And, this leading and largest on-demand massage provider has a network of over 10,000 licensed massage therapists and serving over 85 U.S. cities.

So, if you as a massage would like to create an on-demand app like Uber for massage, then read on the following salient features of American startup, Zeel, the massage on-demand app.


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3 Salient Features That Can be Considered Before Developing an App like Uber for Massage

1. Search, Book from a Wide Variety of Spas & Choose The Gender of Therapist

The Uber-style app, Zeel, delivers the on-demand massage services to customers’ homes, offices, hotels and everywhere as they would like to. So, to provide ease of massage services to your customers or app users within the app, it is important to include app features, which make your on-demand massage app popular among users.

The most salient feature is to allow your app users to search the wide variety of spas as what they are looking for. So, it is important to include such app feature during Uber for massage app development. After searching the massage service, allow your app users to book the services at preferred locations. It is also important that such features must be easy-to-use and you need to be careful while creating the app under the category on-demand solutions.


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There is another important thing, which you can’t afford to miss is to give your users the total control over choosing massage therapists for themselves while booking the services. However, providing such feature into the app, you can make your on-demand massage service more reliable service in which they can rely for a long time.

Thus, being a startup, if you have ever planned to create an app like Uber for massage, then the combination of these features are essentials to include.

2. Allows to Book Spa Services Now or In-Advance like 1-Month Before

As compared to other on-demand massage apps like Soothe, Zeel app is quite different due to its wide range of features, which add value to the users’ lives. Allowing your app users to book spa services now or 1 month before can help your users to book services in advance. So, you need to include such feature, which provides convenience to your customers.

One of the important features is to allow your app users to book massage services now and in advance so that they can experience the convenience.


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So, if you are planning to create an app like Uber for massage, then don’t forget to consider this type of features, which can make your app stands out from others.

3. Push Notifications, Reminders, and Geolocation Feature

To build an app for therapists to provide on-demand solutions like Zeel app, consider including features like push notifications and reminders that are the core ones. You need to integrate these features while developing an app like Uber for massage.

For retaining your app users for a long time, push notifications and reminders are two core features, which you can’t miss to integrate. Push notification feature alerts app users about the latest updates and services.

By including this type of features like push notifications and reminders, app users somehow can connect with the services and the latest updates of your services. Moreover, it makes communication easier and there would be no communication gap between you and your app users.


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Coming to the next important feature, which is – geolocation, it allows you to track the location of your users to match the professional massage therapists nearby for them. To get on-demand massage services quick, it is important to include a geolocation app feature while creating an app like Uber for massage.

During Uber for massage app development, it is highly recommended to consider geolocation app feature and you need to take extra care to include this feature in an on-demand massage app.

Summing it Up

The wellness and spa industry is thriving. Here are the statistics of the wellness and spa industry. According to Statista –

  • The spa industry in the United States generated 7.3 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2015. It is forecasted to reach 11.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2021.
  • The global spa market to grow at CAGR of 5.66% from 2007 to 2021.
  • The United States is the largest spa market, with 21,000 facilities and $16 billion in revenue.

So, it is safe to say that there are huge opportunities to invest in this sector in case if you are still confused about whether you need to create an app like Uber for massage or not.

Being a startup, if you are having an app idea on developing an app like Uber for massage, which you want to discuss, then you can cross-verify it with us as we are a leading mobile app development company. We have already developed over 60 Uber-like apps with diverse features and functionalities like Geolocation feature, cross-platform integration, multi-lingual support, visual calendar, and payment gateway integration.

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